South Wales Police Deploy Connected Car Solution


South Wales Police Deploy Connected Car



South Wales Police, the largest police force in Wales who serve 42% of the country’s population, have recently deployed a connected car solution that is enabling their Officers to spend more time on the road and in the community, and less in the station.




Having previously deployed a handset-based solution which allowed Officers to remotely access and update central systems, South Wales Police found connectivity – that is, mobile signal strength – to be a challenge which hampered their use. As such they started to look for a secondary connectivity solution which could address this issue and identified the Sierra Wireless AirLink® MP70, an LTE in-vehicle router which creates a connectivity hotspot in and around the vehicle by connecting over the 4G network.

“The Officers have got a lot of things to think about, and the last of which needs to be thinking about whether they can get their data back to source. The AirLink MP70 LTE router has enabled us to fill those gaps in connectivity and increase time out of stations,” said Gregory Methven, Detective Constable with the South Wales Police, and the lead in the FUSION team which rolled out the new connected car solution.

“The in-vehicle WiFi has really made a huge leap towards the 100% connectivity that we were looking for, they just get the best possible signal wherever they are.”

South Wales Police worked with local, South Wales-based distributor Westbase Technology as well as their elected resale partner, to roll out the vehicle networking solution:

“South Wales Police are an excellent example of how 4G LTE networking solutions can help organisations to truly transform,” said Sacha Kakad, Managing Director at Westbase Technology, “Greg and the FUSION team had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and we are proud to have helped them to overcome their connectivity difficulties so that South Wales Police Officers are better equipped to work from the road.”

“Delivering uncompromised connectivity to first responders at all times is central to our LTE networking solutions,” said Jason Krause, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless, “The AirLink MP70 LTE router allows mobile workers to communicate seamlessly from in and around their vehicle—from over 200 meters away—as if they were in an office. Having deployed the AirLink MP70 LTE router at a time when emergency services are under increasing pressures, South Wales Police can now perform critical duties onsite more efficiently, enabling them to ultimately respond more quickly and effectively in the field.”

“This system has just provided a completely seamless way of Officers to do their work,” concluded Detective Constable Methven of South Wales Police, “Going forward, although we’ve already achieved 90% of what we were trying to, it’s opened the door to all kinds of other connectivity solutions as we go forward with body-worn video, facial recognition, and various other ways of carrying data and stopping Officers having the need to come back to a fixed location to do their work.”


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