IoT Networking Solutions

  1. Digi IX14 Cellular Router

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    The Digi IX14 provides ultra-reliable connectivity in extreme environments. Key features include: * LTE CAT1 with dual SIM for carrier failover and flexibility * Single Ethernet and single serial (RS232) port * Flexible 9-30VDC power input * Includes a one-year subscription to Digi Remote Manager® * TrustFence security Learn More
  2. Digi TransPort WR11 XT Router

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £199.00

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    The Digi TransPort® WR11 XT is a secure 3G/4G LTE cellular router for retail, kiosk and industrial control applications. Its features include: * Global HSPA+ and 4G LTE support and certification * Extremely resilient cellular connection through patented Digi SureLink™, VRRP+ protocol and dual SIM slots * Enterprise routing features for security, logging and redundancy (e.g., stateful firewall, VPN, SNMP); no annual enterprise software license required * Digi Remote Manager provides mass configuration, device management and troubleshooting tools * Rugged aluminum enclosure, flanges and optional DIN rail clip for flexible mounting * 5-year warranty standard—no additional cost Learn More
  3. Digi Transport LR54 LTE-A Router

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £517.00

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    The Digi TransPort LR54 is an LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) router, designed from the ground up to provide peerless speed and connection integrity – so that you can deliver remarkable customer experiences. The Digi TransPort LR54 is ideal for connecting: * Retail, Insurance and Financial branch sites * Distributed, or semi-remote, locations * New store online “quick starts” * Self-service kiosks * Digital media installations * Security site monitoring equipment * Guest and employee Wi-Fi Learn More
  4. Sierra Wireless AirLink LX60

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £359.00

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    The Sierra Wireless AirLink LX60 is designed for Commercial and Enterprise LTE network connectivity. Dual Gigabit Ethernet and serial ports make it ideal to connect machines and provide primary or backup network connectivity. It comes with AirLink Complete included for the first year. LX60 provides purpose-built, secure, reliable, managed Cellular LTE networking in Building Automation, Digital Signage, Taxis, ATMs, Kiosks and Point-of-Sale terminals. Learn More
  5. Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £278.00

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    + Most compact LTE and LTE-M / NB-IoT router for IoT/M2M applications. + Power-over-Ethernet— Powered Device capability, ideal for fixed low power applications + Supports edge processing and IoT applications with ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) + LTE and LTE-M/NB-IoT variants for global deployments The LX40 provides “out-of-the box”, secure, managed LTE networking for IoT and enterprise applications such as IP cameras, security, point-of-sale terminals and smart lockers. Learn More
  6. Sierra Wireless FX30 - Programmable IoT Gateway

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £188.00

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    The Sierra Wireless FX30 is is the industry’s smallest, most rugged programmable 3G/4G LTE cellular gateway. Providing an integrated, secure embedded application environment, with the cloud, the FX30 enables swift, scalable and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected machine or infrastructure. Learn More
  7. Sierra Wireless Airlink RV50 & RV50/X

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £389.00

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    The Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven RV50 and RV50X are the industry’s lowest power consuming LTE and LTE-Advanced gateways. It comes with AirLink Complete included for the first year. Their features include: * LTE or LTE-A performance at 2G power consumption * Fully ruggedised design; Class 1 Div 2, MIL STD 810G and IP64 * Provides network connectivity via Ethernet, Serial and USB * Remote configuration, software update, and monitoring * GPS for tracking equipment * Ideal for solar-powered applications * Network management in the cloud or in the enterprise data centre Learn More
  8. Cradlepoint Virtual Router (CVR)

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    The Cradlepoint Virtual Router (CVR) is a cloud-based VPN concentrator designed for small to mid-sized businesses running or migrating services to the cloud. A CVR is easily provisioned via Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then configured just like any Cradlepoint solution. Learn More
  9. Cradlepoint IoT NetCloud Solution Package with COR IBR600C

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £537.00

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    The Cradlepoint COR IBR600C routers are semi-ruggedised, cloud-managed LTE devices built for IoT, M2M, and industrial networks. With an embedded modem, the Cradlepoint COR IBR600C router is ideal for use in high-availability portable or fixed applications such as surveillance cameras, digital signs, oil and gas monitoring, and Parallel Networking. (WiFi is available on IBR600C model.) Learn More
  10. Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55

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    + LTE-A Pro (CAT12) supporting 600Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) performance + LTE-A Pro and LTE-M/NB-IoT variants for global deployments, and extended coverage + Ethernet and Dual-Serial to connect legacy equipment + Dual-Band WiFi (optional) for Access Point and/or WiFi WAN The AirLink RV55 is the industry’s most rugged, compact, LTE-A Pro router. Simple to install, and easy to manage, the RV55 cellular router is designed for connecting critical remote assets and infrastructure, and vehicles. Learn More