MikroTik KNOT Out-of-the-Box IoT Gateway Solution for LoRa Technology

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SKU: RB924iR-2nD-BT5&BG77&R11e-LR8

Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness in an Out-of-the-Box Solution

MikroTiks KNOT LR8 Kit is an out-of-the-box IoT Gateway solution for LoRa technology that utilises Narrow Band and CAT-M technology. This kit contains a pre-installed UDP packet forwarder to any public or private LoRa servers. With the support of 8 different channels, Listen Before Talk (LBT) and spectral scan features this product will astound you with its enticing price point.

The KNOT LR8 Kit can be used as a backup connection for the Ethernet or as a management channel for your network. It features a number of protocol support and connectivity options including: 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth, LoRa, 2x 100 Mbps Ethernet ports with PoE-in and PoE-out, Micro-USB.

With the Bluetooth interface, you can use the KNOT for asset tracking and telemetry based onBluetooth advertisement packets. KNOT supports any BLE tag that sends advertisement data.It has powerful filters for forwarding only relevant packets and ignoring others.

CPU core count 1
CPU nominal frequency 650 MHz
Switch chip model QCA9531
RouterOS license 4
Operating System RouterOS
Size of RAM 64 MB
Storage size 128 MB
Storage type NAND
MTBF Approximately 200000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature -40°C to 70°C