Cradlepoint NetCloud Perimeter Client and Support

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NetCloud Perimeter enables easy deployment of changes at the network edge while maintaining security, visibility, and control as business requirements evolve. Now IT teams can build and deploy secure virtual overlay networks in minutes to connect:

  • Remote or mobile workforces using Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux devices
  • IoT devices such as: kiosks, digital signs, cameras, sensors, meters, etc.

And create a software-defined perimeter—across the Internet or any private or public cloud. NetCloud Perimeter works with existing network and security infrastructures. It requires no hardware or configuration, scales instantly, and is subscription-based. Build multiple secure overlay networks, tailored for purpose and per account, to scale and perform independently based on business needs.


Key features include:

Secure overlay

Abstraction of logical network and address space from the Internet


Protects data in-transit end-to-end with the strength of 256-bit encryption

Network virtualisation

Enables zero-trust WANs through microsegmentation

Multi-layer authentication

Device, virtual network, domain and certificate level

Secure internet access

Sends all traffic from target IoT devices through the dark virtual cloud network


Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution packages

Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution packages include your choice of leading hardware options, NetCloud Manager for remote deployment, monitoring and configuration of your network, NetCloud Perimeter for secure networking using a perimeter-secured overlay network, 24x7 support from Cradlepoint and limited lifetime warranty.