Cradlepoint 4G Routers is the premier UK and European distributor for Cradlepoint, having deployed many thousands of Cradlepoint networks across multiple industries. Cradlepoint is a leading provider of 4G LTE and SD-WAN networking solutions for failover, primary connectivity, Internet of Things, and in-vehicle applications.

Cradlepoint's cloud-based wired and wireless WAN networking solutions are for distributed and mobile enterprises. Their broad family of high-performance routers are designed for use in mission-critical applications that require 24x7 connectivity - securely connecting people, places and things.

The Cradlepoint range is split into three product groups: the COR series has been built specifically for M2M / IoT and in-vehicle applications; the AER series provides advanced edge routing ideal for pop-up, primary, and converged wired and wireless networks; and the ARC CBA range has been designed to provide best-in-class 4G LTE failover.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud platform complements hardware products by providing cloud-based services which further enhance the network's capabilities, scalability and flexibility. As many enterprises embrace cloud, mobile and IoT technologies, network traffic is moving onto the public Internet, away from private IP. Cradlepoint's NetCloud Perimeter allows companies to deploy private networks over Internet services for secure connection of distributed applications. Meanwhile NetCloud Manager enables the simple, remote management of Cradlepoint networks from any location - enabling over the air updates.

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  1. Cradlepoint Mobile NetCloud Solution Package with COR IBR900

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £462.00

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    The Cradlepoint COR IBR900 Series router is a ruggedised Gigabit-Class LTE networking platform that provides the next step on the Pathway to 5G. It is designed for persistent connectivity across a wide range of in-vehicle and mobile applications, including emergency services, service and delivery vans, taxi and limo fleets, and nearshore vessels. Learn More
  2. Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution Package with AER2200

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £1,004.00

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    Designed for small to mid-sized branches, the Cradlepoint AER2200 is an all-in-one router that offers organisations the high availability of embedded Gigabit-Class LTE and ease of use of point-and-click cloud management. The AER2200 is an ideal solution for retail stores, clinics, restaurants, and stores-within-stores. Learn More
  3. Cradlepoint NetCloud Perimeter Client and Support

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £29.00

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    NetCloud Perimeter provides a simple, cloud-based alternative to VPN. It allows companies to build and deploy virtual overlay networks in minutes, connecting all their IoT devices and remote and mobile workers to business-critical resources. Offering cloud-based security, the NetCloud Perimeter service eliminates the hardware, complexity, and operational costs of traditional WANs. Learn More
  4. Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution Package with E3000

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    The Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution Package with E3000 is 5G-optimised, providing scalable services and performance for all-wireless or hybrid-wireless networks. Availability expected in UK and Europe mid-June. Learn More
  5. Cradlepoint MC400

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £507.00

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    The MC400 Modular LTE Modem combines enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE performance. Cradlepoint MC400 branch, mobile, and IoT routers can be easily upgraded to include industry-leading capabilities such as dual modems and LTE Advanced Pro. Learn More
  6. Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution with ARC CBA550

    Excl. VAT: £337.00
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    + Cost-effective LTE failover solution + CAT 4 modem, up to 150 Mbps download speeds + PoE and aesthetic case for unobtrusive placement The Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution with ARC CBA550 delivers simple, effective failover which seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. The cost of downtime for all locations and business types is high, but traditional failover solutions can be too expensive which often prohibits their use and leaves organisations exposed. This low-cost, high-value option from Cradlepoint changes this, and makes failover accessible for all. Learn More
  7. Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution Package with ARC CBA850

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £515.00

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    The Cradlepoint CBA850 LTE Adapter is a turnkey branch continuity solution for failover that integrates seamlessly with existing network and SD-WAN infrastructure. Using secure cloud access, the CBA850 provides the ability to extend management capability to any primary router Out-of-Band without the need for a wired connection. Learn More
  8. Cradlepoint IoT NetCloud Solution Package with COR IBR200

    Excl. VAT: £261.00
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    + Embedded CAT 1 LTE modem with HSPA+ fallback, for cost-effective connectivity + 802.11 1×1 b/g/n 2.4 GHz WiFi, connecting up to 16 devices + 3 years NetCloud subscription included The Cradlepoint COR IBR200 LTE Internet Gateway is a compact, semi-ruggedised wireless router designed for secure, cloud-managed IoT networking. The COR IBR200 enables use of low-cost M2M/IoT data plans from cellular carrier/operators, and with NetCloud Perimeter, addresses the biggest gap in IoT: security. Learn More
  9. Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution Package with AER1600

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £496.00

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    The Cradlepoint AER1600 Advanced Edge Routers are designed for smaller sites, Parallel Networks, and branch continuity to intelligently manage converged wired and wireless WAN connectivity for a highly available “connected experience” at the Edge. Learn More
  10. Cradlepoint COR Extensibility Dock

    Excl. VAT: £152.00
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    Accessory for the COR IBR900 Series and COR IBR600C Series routers that supports dual-modem, additional Ethernet port and GPIOs, and enables redundant power. Learn More