LTE-Advanced Routers is the leading distributor of 4G LTE networking solutions. Our range of LTE-Advanced CAT 6 gateways and routers include products from leading manufacturers, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless and Digi.

Our range of LTE-Advanced CAT 6 routers and gateways provide speeds that are 3x faster than CAT 3 standard LTE options, as well as offering increased capacity with additional bands to improve the overall user experience.

LTE-Advanced CAT 6 is the most capable connectivity solution available today, enabling businesses to do even more over 4G LTE than they already can. LTE-Advanced CAT 6 routers are perfect for use where a flexible, scalable and high bandwidth connectivity solution is required.

Our range of LTE-Advanced CAT 6 routers are suitable for use in failover, primary connectivity, Internet of Things, and in-vehicle applications. Our routers can also be used in indoor, outdoor and industrial environments and deployed for use in a variety of industries such as security, retail, public sector, healthcare and energy and utilities.

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