4G Routers

Westbase.io is the leading distributor of 4G LTE networking solutions. Our range of 4G LTE gateways and routers include products from leading manufacturers Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless and Digi.

4G LTE routers provide flexible, simple and instant connectivity in any location, and enterprise-grade security means that existing policies can be rolled out to the very edge of the network with minimal effort. Cellular networking solutions are also highly scalable, connecting 1000s of people, locations and things as easily as 1, and can also be deployed very quickly with "out of the box" capabilities. Westbase.io 4G LTE routers are all cloud managed as well, ensuring that the network can be monitored and managed from any location.

Due to the high bandwidth, connect anywhere capabilities of 4G LTE networks today, our cellular routers and gateways can support a myriad of applications such as failover and out-of-band connectivity, primary connectivity, temporary and pop-up connectivity, M2M/IoT, in-vehicle networking, and parallel networking. They support a broad range of features specifically built to support these key applications. For example our 4G routers built for in-vehicle networking are all e-marked, have ignition sensing and built in voltage protection, as well as extended certifications, while our failover solutions have console ports for direct connection into the primary router for simplified out-of-band management.

Our cellular routers and gateways come with a broad range of technology features to suit the application's exact requirements as well, such as dual modem for increased resilience or intelligent load balancing, LTE-Advanced for high bandwidth capabilities, 802.11ac Wave 2 for enhanced WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet ports, and much more.

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