Which Router Where: Cradlepoint Product Guide




In this Cradlepoint product guide, we show our channel customers how best to position the Cradlepoint range of 4G LTE, cloud and SD-WAN solutions.





The global leader in wireless wide-area-networking, Cradlepoint today has a portfolio of innovative and flexible networking solutions. Comprised of a focused range of 4G LTE routers and gateways, cloud services and SD-WAN capabilities, Cradlepoint solutions are focused on solving the business challenge of securely and reliably connecting the “elastic” network edge as organisations today need to connect more people, places and things than ever before. Read on for our Cradlepoint product guide, designed to help you to better understand which products are built for what.


The COR Series: M2M/IoT and In-Vehicle Networking

The Cradlepoint COR series of products have been purpose-built for M2M/IoT and in-vehicle applications, and breaks down as follows:

COR IBR350: The baby in the family, the COR IBR350 has a very small footprint and is built for volume M2M/IoT deployments such as kiosks, vending and digital signage. A 3G gateway, it has an Ethernet interface for simple integration into the application and is also PCI compliant.

COR IBR600: The COR IBR600/650 is a great option for M2M/IoT applications which require additional interface options. A 4G LTE router, it is more powerful than the IBR350 and comes with Ethernet, USB and WiFi interfaces (select the IBR650 if WiFi is not required). It can also be used when a simple pop-up or failover network is needed for a single application.

COR IBR1100: A highly popular product, the COR IBR1100/1150 is purpose-built for in-vehicle networking. Available as a standard 4G LTE or advanced LTE router, it can be extended to a dual modem solution using the additional IBR1100 Dual Modem Dock – providing wireless to wireless failover for inherent protection against downtime, or to load balance traffic for maximised performance. Able to be installed directly into the vehicle, and highly ruggedised, the IBR1100/1150 is a very flexible product and offers Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Serial and GPIO interfaces (select the IBR1150 if WiFi is not required).

COR IBR900: The latest addition to the family and only launched in early 2017, the COR IBR900/950 is also built for in-vehicle networking. Available with 4G LTE Advanced as standard, it too can be extended to a dual modem solution using the COR Extensibility Dock. Key upgrades from the IBR1100 include a more powerful quad core processor, increased RAM, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi – all of which makes the IBR900 the most efficient and speedy device that we offer, particularly on throughput.

The COR IBR900 and IBR1100 can also be used for industrial M2M/IoT applications where high throughput and routing power is required.


The AER Series: Advanced Edge Routing

The Cradlepoint AER series of products have been built to deliver multi-WAN connectivity into branches, covering key applications such as failover, WAN optimisation, pop-up and parallel networking:

AER1600: The AER1600 can be used for pop-up and parallel networking applications by leveraging LTE-Advanced connectivity to connect anywhere. It can also be used to manage multi-WAN services in micro-sized branches, for example providing the ability to load balance between wired and cellular networks for maximum performance or providing failover to cellular when there is an issue with the primary fixed line connection.

AER2100: The original AER product, the AER2100 is perfect for providing temporary networks over 4G LTE, or can also be used to manage multi-WAN services. With the option to add a secondary modem (not available on the AER1600) it has increased capabilities and is therefore better suited for more advanced branch / application requirements than the AER1600.

AER3100: The most advanced option, the AER3100 has dual-modem options like the AER2100 but also includes 13 Ethernet ports (4 of which are PoE), a console port and is rack mountable. Ideal for advanced pop-up or temporary network requirements, it can also be used to manage multi-WAN services in larger branches.


The ARC CBA850: Failover and OOBM

The ARC CBA850 is a “drop-in” 4G LTE failover and out-of-band-management solution which works seamlessly with any existing network as it is completely agnostic. Plugging directly into the console port of the primary router, it automatically kicks in if the primary connection fails, keeping the network online via the 4G network. Small in size and aesthetically pleasing it can be placed in a broad variety of locations. It also enables users to remotely connect into the primary router using OOBM over 4G, helping IT teams to troubleshoot and even restore the primary network remotely.


NetCloud: Cloud and SD-WAN Services

The NetCloud platform hosts the well-known NetCloud Manager (previously known as Enterprise Cloud Manager) and the latest SD-WAN addition, NetCloud Perimeter.

NetCloud Manager is a cloud management tool which should be sold with nearly any Cradlepoint deployment, and especially where multiple devices are in play over a broad geography. Enabling simplified remote management and providing instant network insights, it saves organisations both time and money – reducing total cost of ownership for the network. Read more about the importance of cloud management for networks by following this link.

NetCloud Perimeter is an Software-Defined WAN service designed to enhance network security, flexibility and scalability. Enabling IT teams to deploy cloud-based networks in minutes to distributed people, places and things anywhere, it creates a virtual overlay network instantly. It works with existing network and security infrastructures, and requires no hardware or configuration. It can be sold for mobility or M2M/IoT deployments.


We hope that you have found this Cradlepoint product guide useful, but if you’re still unsure which product to position for your customer’s deployment, please contact your account manager who will be happy to help: +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or info@westbase.io