Westbase.io Help Guides

Westbase.io have put together a series of guides to help you to better understand the networking industry.

If there’s something in particular that you would like to see in this section then please feel free to send your suggestions to marketing@westbase.io.



Cloud Management Guide

The Importance of Cloud Management

Westbase.io has long championed the benefits of cloud management for networking solutions. In this help guide we will explore these, as well as negate some of the arguments against cloud management.





Networking 101 Guide

Networking 101: A Glossary of Terms

We know that networking acronyms and industry terms can be a headache, so Westbase.io has put together this guide to help you work your way around them. View our summary here or you can also download a full guide.





Cellular Deployment Guide

Cellular Antenna Deployment Guide

Selecting the right antenna is almost as important as selecting the right cellular router or gateway, but it isn’t always straight forward. To help, we have put together a Cellular Deployment Guide providing best practice advice on antenna selection and installation.




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