RealWear Navigator 520 Launched: In Stock and Available to Order Today!

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RealWear Navigator 520 Launched

At CES this week RealWear launched the latest addition to the popular Navigator 500 series. The new Navigator 520 features an all new “HyperDisplay” for bigger, bolder, sharper viewing.


Building on the success of the original RealWear Navigator 500, launched just over 12 months ago, the new RealWear Navigator 520 retains all of the same great features including modular design, full-shift, hands-free use, and simplified management using RealWear Cloud. The addition of the new HyperDisplay takes the series to the next level though, providing an upgraded and fully redesigned viewing system.
The newly launched Realwear Navigator 520 aR Headset.

The Navigator 520 HyperDisplay screen is 20% larger, providing better “viewability” for users:

Longer Eye Relief:
Position the display further from the eye to see the screen more easily.

Larger Eye Box:
Find the perfect viewing angle with ease with a 5x bigger eye box.

Higher Resolution:
Sharper visuals and better colour reproduction.

“Looking at all we announced this year, it’s come together beautifully, and will position us for accelerated global growth and user adoption,” said Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer at RealWear.

“With the launch of RealWear Navigator 520 we’ve continued to put ourselves in the shoes of a modern frontline professional who wants to stay connected and empowered. This product brings together a year of major improvements and innovations on the RealWear platform – devices, accessories, apps and cloud-based control. Today’s launch has set an even higher bar for a full stack enterprise-level wearable solution in the industrial wearables market.”

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