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RealWear Document Navigator



To help introduce partners to our latest portfolio addition, we are running a series of “RealWear in Action” articles. This feature we look at document navigator. Enabling workforces to view technical manuals and other documentation hands-free, and without interference in their field of vision, for increased productivity and safety.




What is Document Navigator on the RealWear HMT?

Document navigator is exactly what it sounds like. Using the RealWear HMT, workers can easily access and use any documentation they need, while keeping their hands free, and field of vision clear. Paper-based materials can easily be damaged and are often awkward to handle. And even if a mobile device is used to access files, these can often require the removal of PPE and cannot be used hands free – leading to health and safety challenges. With the option to store files locally on a HMT device, or make them accessible from central systems though, front-line workers can easily locate and read any file needed to support the task at hand using just their voice.

Many organisations who have already adopted the HMT for document navigation also use the onboard camera to scan QR or barcodes attached to machinery, which can trigger the device to load the relevant documentation for that particular machine.

Digital transformation is a top priority for many organisations. Document navigator with the HMT can be a quick and easy way to achieve some digital wins by digitising documents to engage and empower workers with the information they need wherever they are. For example, technical manuals, instruction videos or step by step guides can all be made more accessible through the HMT, supporting workers to increase accuracy and productivity.

To summarise, document navigator allows front-line workers to:

  • Access the documents and information they need wherever they are
  • Access this hands free and without removing PPE, so safety is never compromised
  • View supporting information easily so that they can work faster and with fewer mistakes


Using the RealWear HMT for Document Navigator

The RealWear HMT-1 is the world’s first hands-free Android™ tablet class wearable computer for industrial workers. Fully ruggedised it can be used in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud environments with ease. It’s high res micro-display sits just below the line of sight and views like a 7″ tablet allowing workers to consult it when needed at a simple downwards glance, without interfering in their field of vision when they don’t need it. The RealWear HMT-1Z1 delivers the same but is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments.

Both are fully PPE compatible with various mounting options to suit; from hard hat clips to silicone bands for clean rooms, there’s an option for every environment. Using the HMT users can view document details using 5 levels of zoom and a 854×480 resolution display that features 20° field-of-view, 1-meter fixed focus, and 24-bit colour LCD.

Other key HMT features for document navigator include:

document navigator solution highlights


Industrial Use Cases for Document Navigator

Document navigator with the RealWear HMT has a broad range of use cases in many industries but the most common include:

  • Auto servicing and repair
  • Test and inspection
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Manufacturing and assembly


Built-In “My Files” App

The RealWear HMT devices come with the “My Files” app as standard, making document navigator a great place to start for those new to the platform. With easy number references, the ability to structure folders as needed, and simple voice-control commands, users can quickly get to grips with the application with minimal training and maximum reward.

For wider applications requirements, RealWear also boasts over 100 software partners. Third-party apps can be easily installed and managed by IT teams through Foresight, RealWear’s cloud management platform, while users can simply launch with a voice command from their HMT.


RealWear Document Navigator Video

Check out our top pick video which features a demonstration of document navigator on the HMT,  Alternatively, browse the RealWear Playlist by following this link to see more.





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