Picking the Right Antenna for Your Cellular Installation


Picking the Right Antenna for Your Cellular Installation


Last year, Westbase Technology released a “Cellular Deployment Guide” and “Antenna Buyer’s Guide” to help our partners.

In this article, we introduce our new updated Buyer’s Guide, which includes the latest antenna ranges available from Westbase, along with some helpful information on picking the right antenna for your cellular installation.




Why is picking the right antenna so important?

Many people put so much focus on selecting the right 4G LTE router or gateway for their application, that they forget about the importance of getting the antenna right. While the router is responsible for delivering networking capabilities, it cannot do this over a wide area without the ability to receive and transmit signals via an antenna – and if the antenna is wrong then the signal quality will be poor.

Picking the right antenna for your cellular installation is therefore highly important as it’s the best way to ensure that the highest signal can be achieved – although, naturally, device placement does have its part to play.


What do I need to think about when picking my antenna?

First you need to consider what antenna elements you actually require. In the case of Westbase routers and gateways you would typically need cellular, WiFi, GPS or a combination of these. You also need to think about how many antenna elements you need, as many devices have MiMo technologies included and to achieve the best possible signal your antenna choice should take advantage of this.

You also need to think about the environment where the antenna will be installed – does it need to be ruggedised or tamper-proof, does it need to be suitable for vehicle use? What is the signal quality in the intended location, and which frequency bands will you be using? And finally, where and how do you want to fix the antenna – is it visible and therefore needs to be aesthetically suitable, or are you limited in how it can be fixed in place?


The updated Antenna Buyer’s Guide

We have updated our popular Antenna Buyer’s Guide to include the latest range of antennas available from Westbase.io Providing a simple comparison table of key features and functionality per antenna, it should help you to see which antenna meets your requirements best. It also includes some handy use case guidance to help with picking the right antenna for your cellular installation.

Download your copy today by following this link.


New antennas featured in the buyer’s guide include:

Pre-kitted, low-profile combination vehicle antenna: Already a popular choice for vehicle antenna installations, we have recently added a new pre-kitted 6-in-1 (2x Cellular, 3x WiFi, 1x GPS) variant for use with the Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70, as well as a pre-kitted 2-in-1 (2x Cellular) for use with any Sierra Wireless or Cradlepoint router or gateway where only a cellular connection is desirable. Pre-kitted variants are also available for the Cradlepoint COR IBR1100, IBR900, IBR600 and Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450.

Pre-kitted, GPSD “Sharkee” combination vehicle antenna: More compact than the above, the GPSD is ideal as a more discreet option. Available in 6-in-1, 5-in-1, 4-in-1, 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 pre-kitted variations built for specific Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless routers, it’s a great roof-top antenna for connecting in-vehicle networks.

Pre-kitted, 3-in-1 internal WiFi antenna: Pre-kitted for the Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70, this is a 3×3 MiMo WiFi antenna which can be used in incidents where a combination antenna isn’t suitable.

Compact, low-profile MiMo cellular panel antenna: Perfect for IoT or M2M applications, such as connecting vending machines or kiosks, this antenna is available with a 3 metre cable as standard. A combination version which also include GPS/GNSS is also available, ideal for asset tracking.


Westbase Technology provides a broad range of antenna solutions suitable for connecting multiple application requirements, to find out more about these, visit the antennas section on our online store or contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or info@westbase.io.