Now Available: Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine and NetCloud Platform


Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine


In July this year, Cradlepoint announced its NetCloud Platform vision and has steadily released more information about the new SD-WAN and cloud services over the months since.

Cradlepoint has now taken this forward, and has launched its early availability edition of Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine.




Cradlepoint NetCloud Platform vs. NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint NetCloud Platform does what it says on the tin; it is the platform which hosts the well-known NetCloud Manager and new NetCloud Engine, acting as the lynchpin of all Cradlepoint cloud services. It is a next generation software and services platform that provides software-defined and cloud-delivered management, connectivity, security services, and more – providing a single view of Cradlepoint’s SaaS offerings.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine (NCE) is a brand new cloud service, which provides distributed and mobile enterprises with a modern way to VPN: secure, software-defined, and delivered as a cloud-based service. It works alongside NetCloud Manager and other Cradlepoint cloud applications to enable organisations to embrace network-as-a-service and the benefits of next generation WAN. NCE eliminates the hardware, complexity, and operational costs of traditional WANs for many use cases, and extends the simplicity, utility, and security of traditional LANs anywhere across the Internet.


More about NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine (NCE) securely connects people, places and things with 4G LTE, SD-WAN and Cloud Services.

It provides distributed enterprises with a next generation WAN, and is fuelled by software-defined networking and virtualisation to eliminate the hardware, complexity and operational costs of traditional WANs. It extends the simplicity, security and utility of Layer-3 LANs anywhere across the Internet.

Enabling organisations to build and deploy virtual overlay networks quickly, NCE can connect devices, remote networks and “things” across any private or public cloud within minutes, as well as provide secure access for remote users using Windows, iOS, Android or Linux devices. Working with existing network and security infrastructures, NCE requires no hardware or configuration, scales instantly, and is subscription-based. Providing a multi-layer, network-based approach to security, NCE’s virtual networks protect users, devices and workloads wherever they’re deployed – and can also be micro-segmented on a site, departmental or even user/device level – meaning a zero-trust WAN that can automatically isolate threats and quarantine them.


Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine


The NCE platform overlays top-tier cloud data centres around the world, including Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Digital Ocean. This enables massive scale to accommodate large networks and traffic loads, and local points of presence to 80% of the world’s computing population. When a disruption occurs, the platform is self-healing; affected networks will automatically migrate to another data centre within minutes, so users’ session are maintained and users are often unaware of any issue at all.


Key Business Benefits

Increase Agility and Security: Instant networks, anywhere, Micro-segmentation at scale

Reduce Complexity: Self-organising networks, Orchestration / automation

Reduce WAN Costs: Hybrid WAN support, Intelligent traffic steering

Do More, Less Boxes: Software-driven overlay WAN, Virtual cloud-based services


NCE: Early Availability

Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine is now available as an “Early Availability” release and can be purchased in 2 ways:

NetCloud Client: Runs on devices such as PCs, servers and mobile devices, and enables secure connectivity to a NetCloud network from anywhere.

NetCloud Gateway: Runs on Cradlepoint routers and gateways, and ensures secure connectivity to a NetCloud network for all “things”, places or devices connected to the router (NCM and FW 6.2 or higher are required). NetCloud Gateway can be purchased in a bundle with NCM, or on its own for existing NCM users.

More information on how to buy and pricing will be available soon.

The early availability release has been designed to provide a testing period before NCE becomes widely available. If you are interested in trying NCE or have a customer who would benefit from it, then please contact your account manager for more details. There are multiple requirements and limitations in place on this early release version to ensure that only suitable end users are provided with access; your account manager will help you to understand whether your customer is appropriate or should wait for the full release.


More Information

For more information about Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine or NetCloud Platform, please follow the below links:


Alternatively, please contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or email us on

PLEASE NOTE: NetCloud Engine has since been re-branded to NetCloud Perimeter.