VAT Requirements: Non-UK Customers Requesting UK Deliveries

Following the end of the Brexit transition period on 1st January 2021 we are working closely with our customers to ensure that all deliveries are fulfilled in line with the new customs and VAT requirements.

If your business is based outside the UK and you wish to order goods to be delivered to UK destinations there are new rules and regulations of which you will need to be aware.



A VAT liability will arise at a rate of 20% for goods delivered into the UK. Depending on the exact nature of the transaction this liability will either arise at the point of importation into the UK or will be applied to our invoices. If you wish to reclaim these VAT charges it is likely you will need to register your company for VAT in the UK.

If your account is currently held with our Netherlands entity (Westbase BV) it may also be necessary for you to set up an account with our UK entity (Westbase Technology Limited) for any UK deliveries.

In the short term, if you do not already have a UK VAT registration we will work closely with you to understand whether there are other options available.

We recommend you seek 3rd party advice to better understand how UK VAT registration would impact your business and how it may enable you to trade with our UK-based operations.


Moving forward

Whilst we appreciate these new requirements may be restrictive in some instances, we are available to discuss any specific requirements. Please send any questions on this matter to:



The above information does not constitute legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only. We recommend specialist advice is sought before any action is taken.