New Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X Prepares Utility Networks for the Future


Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X



The new Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X is now available to purchase, so we’re taking a look at how this latest iteration of the popular RV series can help utility networks to prepare for the future. 





Following the success of the original AirLink RV50, Sierra Wireless has now released a new model: the RV50X. Including all of the same benefits of the RV50, the “X” also features LTE-Advanced connectivity. Built for remote monitoring and management applications, particularly within energy and utilities, this latest advancement can help companies to prepare for the future.


Why LTE-Advanced is important

Although not yet widely available, LTE-Advanced (or CAT 6) is gradually increasing in coverage and will eventually reach the same penetration as standard LTE. It offers some great benefits over standard LTE (CAT 3) including:

  • Faster speeds – up to 3x faster than standard LTE (CAT 3)
  • Increased capacity with additional bands


But for applications such as remote monitoring and management, where speed and capacity aren’t necessarily requirements, why is LTE-A so important?

Remote monitoring and management applications in utility and energy industries only typically generate small amounts of data – which is why they’ve been around since 2G. But these systems, like all others, do need updating; technology changes and 2G will eventually become unavailable as modern cellular standards replace it. So, at the core of things, updating to the latest cellular technology makes sense to ensure that investments are protected and future-proofed for as long as possible.

In addition to this “good sense” approach to updates though, LTE-Advanced is also important to utility and energy companies because it provides application flexibility. Today, the company may just want to replace their existing remote monitoring and management network, but tomorrow they may need to use the same network to roll out a whole new, more advanced application which requires greater speeds and bandwidth. By investing in the AirLink RV50X with LTE-A, customers have the peace of mind that their upgrade will also support their future requirements. Find out more about the importance of LTE-Advanced here.


Continuing the success story of the RV series

The RV50X continues to support the key benefits of the original RV50 model as well:

  • Lowest power consuming LTE-A gateway available, perfect for solar or battery powered applications
  • Fully ruggedised with extended certifications, this gateway is built for harsh environments
  • Multiple connectivity options including Gigabit Ethernet, Serial and USB for maximum flexibility


All of these combined, make it the ideal solution for rugged remote monitoring and management applications. The RV50X even features dual SIM for failover and GPS for equipment tracking – ideal for managing remote sites that cannot be easily accessed.


Finding out more about the Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50X

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