New products from Perle

Perle has added to its range of media converters. They have launched new industrial temperature media converters that are used to connect ethernet equipment in extreme temperatures to fibre optic cable. Perle industrial media converters will operate in industrial grade temperatures -40F to +167F (-40C to +75C).

They are ideal for extending the distance of copper devices such as IP cameras and wireless access points found in traffic management, oil and gas pipelines, weather tracking, industrial and outdoor applications.

MCR200 Modular Media Converter Chassis System is a compact 2-slot chassis that provides housing for any combination of Perle copper to fibre, multimode to single mode or multimode to multimode Media Converter Modules. This flexibility enables the chassis to support a wide variety of network structures where, in low to mid-density applications, a limited number of fibre converters need to be quickly implemented.

Perle has added nine more models in its range of Gigabit Media Converters. These converters are used to transparently connect multimode to multimode or multimode to single mode fiber.

The Gigabit Fiber to Fiber Converters provide an economical path to extend the distance of a fiber network to over 160km while preventing signal degradation between devices.

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