NetComm Wireless M2M Devices Demonstrate Open Management

NetComm Wireless, a leading developer of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, has strengthened its M2M offerings by adding Axeda Ready certification to selected devices in its product portfolio.

NetComm’s M2M devices run on an open-source Linux based OS, allowing easy integration of APIs from cloud management companies such as Axeda and GridNet.

Through the integration of these management platforms and NetComm’s open-source Software Development Kit (SDK), NetComm’s products support diverse vertical sectors, seamlessly integrating in areas such as energy, transport, health, retail and security.

The Axeda Ready program further strengthens NetComm’s M2M device capabilities supporting individual applications such as the remote collection and management of real time data from remote medical equipment, which enables medical practitioners to effectively monitor the growing number of m-Health applications.

This certification demonstrates the value that NetComm Wireless adds to the M2M ecosystem, which comprises multiple layers and partnerships between M2M device developers, management platform providers, software vendors and mobile network operators.

David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless, said, “Cloud platform providers such as Axeda play a key role in managing vertical specific applications, providing complete visibility and control of remote assets for the end customer. Our open management approach therefore allows us to deliver the right solution for each and every customer requirement.”

“NetComm’s extremely capable and flexible M2M devices make the perfect pairing for the Axeda Platform. With this Axeda Ready combination, those looking to implement M2M solutions for any vertical industry get a power-boost to bring their solution to market with a proven, scalable and secure foundation. This power and flexibility in the platforms is critical to remain agile and responsive to market changes,”said Joe Biron, Vice President for technology and innovation at Axeda.

Axeda Ready certification was received for the: Outdoor WiFi Router (NTC-30WV) and M2M WiFi Router (NTC-40WV) following a successful testing and validation process.

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