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Partner support and services are at the heart of what we do. Westbase XR work to understand your business and Luxonis opportunities, so that we can tailor our range of technical, sales and logistics value-add options to you.

We also have 30+ years of distributed enterprise and technology experience to share. Combined, this means Westbase XR can realise your Luxonis ambitions.

Luxonis Robotic Vision

Luxonis is a spatial Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV) platform that focuses on embedded machine learning and computer vision technology. Providing core technology that allows human-like perception in real products, Luxonis’ new generation of robotic vision USB and PoE cameras are simple to integrate and deploy.

Key features and applications include spatial depth / location calculation, facial landmark detection, movement / pose tracking, 3D landmark localisation, on-camera object detection, optical character recognition, and much more. Supporting a wide range of industries and use cases, Luxonis is making spatial AI accessible for endless possibilities.

Westbase XR Partner Services

As the leading Luxonis UK and European distributor, Westbase XR includes the full OAK camera and accessories range in our portfolio as well as offering a selection of XR partner services including staging, training and managed field trials.

If you are interested in becoming a Westbase XR partner, then please speak to our team today by submitting a query online, calling +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or emailing

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Featured Luxonis Solutions

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Key Functions

Run any Neural Network (NN) on the camera.

Image distortion correction.

Follow objects as they move through space in real-time.

Detect features and track them between consecutive frames using optical flow, by assigning a unique ID to matching features.

Zoom in and out on a specific area when motion is detected.

Can also be connected for passenger transportation companies, keeping your services compliant and online wherever your fleet journeys. Our solutions are PCI compliant.

Reduce video and image bandwidth.

Depending on the model, Luxonis OAK cameras also feature 3D object localisation and tracking, stereo depth, 9-Axis IMU data, and wide FOV functions.

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