LTE in Construction – the Expert’s opinion.


LTE in Construction

Lee Garrett joined from a leading UK construction company and brought with him nearly 7 years of networking experience in this industry.

In his previous position he was notably responsible for designing and implementing innovative IT products and services to rapidly deliver advanced communication capabilities to construction sites using LTE. In this article we ask him what he thinks of LTE and how it can assist the construction industry…


“4G, often referred to as Long Term Evolution (LTE) is becoming an important tool on the modern construction site,” says Lee Garrett, Head of Pre Sales for

“Communications both voice and data are key to the success of mobilising site teams in remote locations, and is now seen as an essential tool on construction sites. With the ability to mobilise a site in a matter of days and electronic plans changing all the time, enabling the site team with access insures that the developers are working to the latest drawings.”

He tells us that traditionally organisations would look to order in a fixed line and use an ad-hoc 3G system in the interim period.

“However, the 3G network was simply not robust enough to handle all construction demands, and autonomous 3G hardware in large rollouts became difficult to centrally manage,” said Garrett.

“3G enabled units were quite limited in the amount of data that could be transferred and unable to handle data hungry services. Now LTE is widely available, and robust hardware and services have matured into the marketspace, companies can look to use LTE as a true enabler – and the difference in performance seen is incredible.”

“A single LTE unit is enough to support a project team, allowing access into extranet and intranet services, emails, site drawings, and so on,” he continued, “Centralised management platforms are now readily available, ensuring governance on configuration policies can be adhered with the ability to actively monitor an entire estate from any location.”


“Sites no longer have to wait for fixed line communications, and the ability to start and be connected on day 1 is an achievable milestone to any project,” finished Garrett. is a leading UK and EU distributor of cloud-managed LTE networking solutions, which are enabling construction sites to get online from the very start of each project. Combining innovative, market-leading products with unparalleled industry knowledge and understanding, Westbase work with our partners to deliver solutions which perfectly fit construction customers’ requirements.



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