Key Product Launch from Cradlepoint: Introducing the AER1600 and more


cradlepoint AER1600



Cradlepoint today announced several key product launches. These included the latest AER family member, the AER1600, a dual-modem dock for the IBR1100, a new Enterprise Cloud Manager API, and extended warranties on the IBR1100 and 600 product series.




Innovating branch connectivity with the AER1600

Featuring dual SIM, active GPS, advanced dual-band dual-concurrent 802.11ac WiFi, multi WAN capabilities, and cloud management, the new Cradlepoint AER1600 has been developed to target specific and micro branch applications:

Pop-up networking or rapid deployment connectivity, offers many benefits to retail, banking and hospitality organisations. For example, branch openings that are postponed due to delays on fixed line installation can be put back on track by deploying the AER1600 networking solution as a temporary measure. Providing superfast 4G connectivity, the solution can be rolled out in days and supports advanced networking requirements – meaning the branch can open on time with peace of mind that critical applications, such as Point of Sale (PoS), are fully supported.

In one such example, a Pandora US store opening was facing delays due to fixed line issues, but by deploying a pop-up network using Cradlepoint, it was able to save an estimated $50,000 in lost revenue and penalties. Furthermore pop-up networks using the AER1600 are also perfect for connecting temporary locations, such as pop-up shops in shopping centres or events.

Parallel networking is essential to enabling the latest in-branch technologies, while keeping the core network secure. Digital signage, guest WiFi and kiosks are just three tech examples of how organisations are increasing in-branch customer engagement; and all of which require connectivity. Often run by third parties it is unsuitable to connect them via the branch’s primary network, due to potential security risks, plus branches may also want to avoid network impact. For example high usage of guest WiFi may impact the overall performance of the network, and therefore that of critical applications such as PoS. By deploying a parallel network using the AER1600 though, non-critical technologies can be connected over 4G LTE instead of the branch’s primary line – fully enabling the applications, while keeping the core network safe.

Overall the AER1600 provides an elegant solution that meets the needs of the micro branch. Read more by going to the AER 1600 product page in our online store >>



Dual Modem Networking Solution for Transportation with the new COR IBR1100 Dock

Expanding the Cradlepoint in-vehicle networking capabilities is the new COR IBR1100 Dual Modem Dock. A simple add-on device, the dock enables the addition of a second module to the COR IBR1100, creating a dual modem solution with 4 SIM slots. The dock attaches to the COR IBR1100 via its USB port, and houses an MC400 (sold separately). The solution increases availability and can also be used to augment bandwidth.

The solution best fits applications which require mission critical connectivity, by providing inherent failover and delivering maximised uptime, or for dual applications where a separate channel is necessary for performance or security reasons. For example, creating two WiFi hotspots so that one can remain dedicated to corporate traffic, while the second can provide guest WiFi.

Not yet available, first orders for the dock can be expected mid-December. Read more by going to the Dual Modem Dock product page in our online store >>



New API for Enterprise Cloud Manager

The new Application Program Interface (API) allows customers and partners to integrate ECM data into their applications, enabling automated data transfer based on consistent and efficient programmatic methods. It will be included on both Standard and Prime ECM licenses and will be available from 10th November.

Enabling the creation of a seamless, interoperable network management solution, the API features active documentation, code examples, API usage tracking and API developer key creation and management.



Warranty extended for COR IBR1100 and 600 series

Also announced was a warranty extension on the COR IBR1100 and 600 series of products (including the 1150 and 650 options). Products sold on or after 27th October 2015 will now have a 3 year warranty as standard.



For more information about any of these product releases please contact your Account Manager on or call +44 (0) 1291 437 567.