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Introducing Sierra Wireless AirLink Complete

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sierra wireless airlink complete

Sierra Wireless have launched an all-new approach to their product support and cloud management services, introducing AirLink Complete which packages management licencing, support and warranty into a single SKU. What’s more, each new AirLink device purchased will come with AirLink Complete for the first year – delivering hardware and services in one.

AirLink Complete: What’s Included?

The new AirLink Complete packages include:

  • Cloud management licence, select from ALMS, ALMS ARA and AMM
  • Customer support via web and phone, 6am-5pm PT (2pm-1am GMT) – plus 24/7/365 emergency support and service level targets
  • Warranty (extended to 5 years maximum)

Available for the full AirLink range of hardware (except the MG90 which has its own management platforms) the new AirLink Complete package delivers maximum value for a cost-effective price. Simplifying the ordering process, it also provides a flexible and highly scalable approach to networking by putting everything you need in one simple SKU.


All New Hardware Orders Come with AirLink Complete as Standard.

Sierra Wireless have been long-term champions of cloud management for their leading cellular solutions, integrating it at every level of the product. To reflect this, the company are now including the AirLink Complete package with all new hardware purchases to encourage customers to take advantage of the benefits it can offer – including reduced costs, improved productivity and increased security. All previous hardware SKUs and costs remain the same but now with the great added value solution for the first year.

To ensure maximum flexibility, once you have completed your first year you are not committed to maintaining the Complete package and can opt for a cloud management only, or non-management, solution. All hardware devices still come with a 3 year warranty as standard, and customers can still opt to purchase an extension to 5 years even if they choose not to maintain their Complete package after year one.


What About Existing Customers?

Existing customers can easily upgrade to the new AirLink Complete package if they wish to do so, and any hardware orders placed after 1st December 2018 will retrospectively receive AirLink Complete for the first year, as long as devices are registered within 60 days of their receipt.


How Do I Access AirLink Complete?

AirLink Complete requires a simple online registration process within 60 days of hardware receipt. You will be asked to populate your company, ALMS (if you have an existing account) and hardware device details. Your Account Manager and our Technical Support Team will assist you with this.

Once registered, you will be provided with email credentials to log in to the Customer Support Portal where you can log and track tickets or alternatively you can access support via telephone.


What About ALMS Free Tier?

As all customers gain access to AirLink Complete free for a year, which includes ALMS licencing, Sierra Wireless will discontinue support for the Free Tier ALMS level, with no new accounts being created as of 1st January 2019.

Customers already making use of the ALMS Free Tier will be contacted on or around 1st April this year to advise on your account’s transition to a Standard ALMS account. You will be credited tokens to provide you with continued access to ALMS until 31st December 2019 to give you time to consider how you would like to manage your estate moving forwards.


Any Other Updates?

As noted above, the MG90 is not included in the new Complete offering, meaning support is still charged for in addition to the hardware in the first year and onward.¬†Also in this product update however, Sierra Wireless have removed the “Classic” support tier for AirLink Support for MG90 hardware in order to standardise its support levels. The current “Preferred” level will become the only level available now, delivering advanced support to MG90 customers as standard. In addition the support pricing has been reduced, and the operations pack will now be included with management licencing to provide access to ALEOS telemetry features for free – simplifying and reducing overall costs (hardware requirements still apply).

If you would like to find out more about Sierra Wireless AirLink Complete, please speak to your account manager today by contacting us on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or

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