INFOGRAPHIC: The Importance of Retail Failover and OOBM


Retail IT teams are under increasing pressure to build and maintain a flexible, scalable network which can support the latest retail technologies – at the core of which is a reliable, secure and superfast connectivity solution. In this infographic, takes a look at the real cost of downtime and the importance of retail failover and Out-Of-Band Management to minimising this.


Retail failover and OOBM


The retail store is still highly relevant to omnichannel strategies, and is a key driver for customer experience. As retailers expand their in-store technology – from connected digital signage to cloud-based applications, and iBeacons to contactless payment –  their reliance on connectivity increases, and with this the cost of downtime escalates.

Yet many retailers still lack an easy-to-use failover solution for their stores, meaning downtime continues to pose a problem.

Securing their connection is the only sensible option for retailers, but with multiple failover options available to them it is even more important that they select the right failover.

Secondary fixed line options such as MPLS, while offering some benefits, cannot always meet the requirements of today’s shifting retail networks. LTE mobile networking solutions offer a more flexible, scalable and rapid deployment failover option – and can be easily extended to deliver out-of-band management as well.


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  • The causes and costs of downtime
  • Understanding failover options
  • Best-in-class LTE failover
  • Extending LTE failover to OOBM


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