Improved Retail and Branch Office Security with Cradlepoint and ZScaler


Today, at the 2015 National Retail Federation Conference and Expo, Cradlepoint announced the arrival of Zscaler Internet Security – immediately available worldwide.


zscaler3Cradlepoint are a global leader in 4G LTE networking solutions for distributed enterprises and have developed the new application in conjunction with Zscaler, a leading internet security company. The solution integrates Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE cloud-managed routers with Zscaler’s market-leading cloud-based security platform – providing retailers with a best-of-breed hybrid security solution that truly scales and protects the branch.

Easier to access, and presenting the most security challenges for IT, branch offices are frequently the target of advanced threats as they operate at the edge of the network. In fact Gartner predicts that by 2016 30% of all advanced targeted threats will specifically target branch offices as their entry point. Furthermore, 80% of confirmed breaches in retail for the past 2 years happened in small stores (Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report). Further statistics show that 88% of data breaches in 2013 took minutes to compromise and infiltrate, but 85% took weeks to discover.

Retailers, amongst other distributed enterprises, need to protect their customer data, prevent these breaches and address PCI compliance at the branch, and this is driving the adoption of Unified Threat Management security solutions. The growth of WiFi networks and the proliferation of mobile devices increases the security risk associated with branch offices and makes the datacentre and perimeter model redundant – there is no traditional perimeter anymore, it’s everywhere.

Cradlepoint is first to market with the joint solution which enables distributed enterprises to embrace cloud applications and mobility, while delivering a superior user experience. Offering Web security, content filtering, greater bandwidth control and improved data protection, Zscaler Internet Security allows branch offices to scale more quickly, be intelligent in their threat response, and ensure maximum protection for their customers, employees and brand.

Immediately accessible through Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager Zscaler’s key benefits include:

  • Ease of deployment – configure in minutes
  • Secure everywhere – transparently enforce security and corporate policies from any device
  • Protect your business – limit liability by filtering content and providing protection from potential threats
  • Manage centrally – choose your risk tolerance settings to enforce common policies, or use custom settings
  • Consolidate visibility – intuitive dashboards provide instant insight
  • Scale quickly – cloud deployed and managed with no patching, updates or buying excess capacity


As well as retail, Zscaler Internet Security has been designed to protect branch offices across any distributed enterprise across multiple verticals, as well as for in-vehicle networks. To read more about the new product from Cradlepoint, go to our online shop or contact your Westbase Technology account manager today.