Hybrid Networking: Answering the Demand for Flexible, Scalable & Cost Effective Networking


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In our latest whitepaper we take a look at hybrid networking: what it is, the factors driving it, application examples and best practice advice.

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What is hybrid networking?

Hybrid networking refers to the combination of two or more communications standards that work together to form one network design. For example, the combination of wireless networking with wired networking which together deliver a single overall solution. It may also refer to a network design that combines two or more types of basic physical topologies.

Put simply, hybrid networking enables organisations of all sizes, across all industries, to leverage the benefits of all forms of connectivity technologies.


The factors driving hybrid networking

  • The expanding network edge due to IoT, mobility and cloud services
  • The growth of IP traffic
  • The need for diverse connectivity failover
  • The need to reduce networking spend, while increasing capacity and capability
  • The changing expectations of customers and employees


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Application examples


hybrid networking example



Challenges of adopting hybrid networking and best practice advice

Choosing the right connectivity technologies: Although it may seem an obvious point, a poor choice of connectivity technology can be a very costly mistake and there are many factors which need to be considered and traded-off against one another to ensure that the right technology is put in place for each application – or the benefits of adopting hybrid networking are completely negated.

Consistent security policies across the network: Maintaining consistent corporate policies across the network is essential to ensuring traffic is kept secure whether it’s travelling over wired, WiFi or cellular services.

Cost- and time-effective monitoring and management: Managing multiple services can become financially and time expensive if not implemented correctly – offsetting the cost saving benefits of a hybrid networking solution.

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Introducing Westbase.io

The Westbase.io product portfolio delivers hybrid competencies to our partners and, combined with our industry experience and partner support, we are equipping our channel customers with the know-how they need to answer the growing demand for flexible connectivity.


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