FedEx Save Time and Reduce Costs with Vuzix

FedEx delivers millions of packages every day across 220+ countries and territories, by providing a robust supply chain expertise. FedEx’s dedication to an outstanding customer experience helps businesses connect to each other, their customers, and the world. Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, you can depend on them to help you deliver.

Read on to find out how Vuzix helped FedEx to save time and reduce costs, or download your full copy now.

Fedex wanted to decrease their average pick time and mistakes, while improving video feedback to managers.

Vuzix smart glasses provided a heads-up wearable for FedEx, making it easier for workers to scan barcodes, access pick and order information, receive instant feedback on pick errors, and provide video feedback to managers.

  • 20% increase in picking speed and 25% picking error reduction with retail customers.
  • Interactive training has improved onboarding and reduced turnover.
  • Remote site audits have reduced travel costs and improved quality.
  • Currently being evaluated by FedEx Ground for multiple other projects.

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To find out how Vuzix helped FedEx to save Time and Reduce Costs, download your full copy now.