Emergency Services Rapid Deployment Networking



Emergency services rely on robust connectivity which can be deployed quickly and easily to any location.

4G LTE is an ideal solution for improved field communications when responding to an incident, setting up a temporary premise or deploying a command control centre.




When establishing a temporary site, getting connected is a key step to ensuring operational efficiency, enabling simplified and effective collaboration between different emergency services as well as between field and central teams.

Westbase.io offer a range of 4G LTE solutions which are ideal for temporary network requirements, providing rapid deployment or “pop up” connectivity that can be rolled out to any site instantly. With enterprise-grade security built-in, emergency service IT teams can support field requirements easily without compromising their corporate policies – simply extending policies to the edge, wherever the network needs to go.

Cloud services also reduce truck roll costs and speed up deployments. The equipment can simply be shipped to site and powered on; once on, it will connect to the network automatically and central IT teams will be able to remotely manage and configure it. As well as speeding up deployment, it also ensures that any issues once deployed can be quickly identified and fixed:


“I’m not particularly technically minded, I’m a police constable, and I found it quite easy to use but at the same time I found it to be a really powerful piece of software that lets you configure your entire fleet with just a couple of clicks.” Gregory Methven, Detective Constable with South Wales Police talking about cloud management capabilities.


By deploying a Westbase.io rapid deployment solution, all field connectivity requirements can be served with a single device in many cases. Offering a range of interfaces, our hardware choices can connect any field technologies, and they offer the routing power to manage these effectively yet simply.



Westbase.io is the leading UK and EU distributor of 4G LTE rapid deployment solutions. Working with our channel partners we have helped to connect 1000s of temporary sites, and are one of the most experienced suppliers of 4G LTE solutions to the emergency services. Ask us for advice on your requirement today and get your customers better connected:

info@westbase.io or +44 (0) 1291 437 567.



ESN-Approved Rapid Deployment Solutions

With a range of options available to meet different requirements and budgets, rapid deployment or “pop up” networking solutions from Westbase.io are ESN-approved – protecting investments made now against future changes. From simple but effective lightweight options, to high performance, high resilience solutions, all of our 4G LTE rapid deployment devices are secure and easy to manage – ticking every box.

In addition to providing a range of 4G LTE solutions, Westbase.io also represent a selection of antennas which complete the solution to ensure optimised signal performance. Within these, we also offer Parsec case antennas which can be used to create a “network-in-a-box”. The high performance antenna is enclosed within the case lid, while a router and power source can be kitted within the main case compartment for a fully portable, all-in-one solution. The case itself is highly ruggedised making it suitable for use in any environment, providing a durable and flexible approach to deployment.


Please contact your account manager to discuss how you could be utilising rapid deployment solutions to support your emergency service customers: info@westbase.io or +44 (0) 1291 437 567.



Why Westbase.io?

  • Connected 1000s of temporary sites, and have worked extensively with emergency services already
  • Expansive partner support options, from technical design and delivery through to post-sale support
  • In-depth understanding of industry drivers and requirements
  • ESN-approved solutions
  • Cloud capabilities mean devices can be managed easily and remotely, plus our solutions can also enable Out-of-Band Management of other devices connected to the router/gateway via the cellular connection


Find out more about being a Westbase.io channel partner by following this link.