EE delivering 4G services to 62 UK towns and cities

EE has announced that its 4G network is now available in 12 more towns across the UK, bringing the total number of towns and cities covered by its 4G network to 62.

Six months after 4G was launched by EE, the roll-out continues across the UK with coverage now available in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Billericay, Blackpool, Brentwood, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Lytham St Annes, Marlow, Pontefract, Thame and Windsor.

4G from EE now covers the homes and businesses of more than 50% of the UK population. By the end of June, EE is committed to launching 4G in at least another 18 towns and cities, bringing the total to 80, and aims to cover 70% of the population by the end of 2013. EE’s mobile service currently provides coverage to 99% of the population with 2G and 98% of the population with 3G.

“Our 4G rollout is ensuring that we’re connecting people right across the UK to one of the fastest mobile networks in the world, as quickly as possible. Consumers and businesses in the UK use mobile internet more than any other market, and we’re working to meet that demand right across the country. We’ll roll out 4G to 98% of people in 2014, including the double-speed 4G that will launch this summer,” Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive Officer of EE, said in a statement.

The opportunities for 4G are significant, not just socially but commercially too:

  1. Connecting Things – 4G mobile broadband will open up better information sharing and data performance between the devices and resources a business employs. That might be a vending machine automatically requesting more products as its low on stock, or it could be environmental monitoring technology reporting back the performance of an estate located across the country.
  2. Cloud Computing – Businesses are adopting more and more cloud-based services. With those same services integrating across different platforms and devices, being able to access your product database, customer contacts or financial data as a mobile workforce will benefit hugely from 4G mobile broadband performance and speed.
  3. Business Efficiency – As all businesses look to strengthen their market position and reduce their costs, the deployment of M2M (machine-to-machine) technologies or smart systems will become paramount in delivering effective business services, 4G will help to improve business sustainability and improve access to mobile broadband networks, where speeds will surpass more traditional broadband connectivity in parts of the country.

Earlier in March, EE also committed to the doubling of speed and capacity on its 4G network in the UK, using its unique spectrum portfolio. Ten UK cities will see the roll out of double-speed 4G by summer. They include Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Sheffield.

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