Digi LifeCycle Assurance: Maximising Network Performance

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In today’s interconnected world, seamless connectivity is key. Digi tackles the challenges of complex environments head-on, delivering solutions that prioritise reliability, simplicity, and scalability.

Their latest offering, Digi LifeCycle Assurance, has been crafted to safeguard critical systems and enhance connectivity experiences within their Infrastructure Management range. This comprehensive solution ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Digi LifeCycle Assurance's core features:

  1. Centralised Control with Digi Remote Manager: Gain centralised visibility and control over network infrastructure. Efficiently monitor, configure, and troubleshoot across distributed locations, enhancing performance. 
  2. High-Performance Devices: Digi’s devices offer exceptional performance and reliability, even in demanding environments like industrial or medical settings.  
  3. Best-in-Class Five-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with an extensive warranty package, highlighting Digi’s commitment to quality. Protect investments against unforeseen issues, minimising downtime. 
  4. 24/7 Technical Support with Four-Hour SLA: Ensure rapid response times with round-the-clock technical support, minimising disruptions. 

Ensuring sustainability and optimising performance with lifecycle management

Effective lifecycle management ensures long-term sustainability and performance optimisation through proactive maintenance, firmware updates, and end-of-life planning, keeping networks current, secure, and aligned with business needs. Digi LifeCycle Assurance guarantees uninterrupted connectivity across sectors such as enterprise, industrial, medical, and transportation. LifeCycle Assurance delivers reliability, scalability, and support, optimising ROI and driving success. 

Which Digi ranges include LifeCycle Assurance?

The complete solution is available with new Infrastructure Management deployments using Digi’s USB Connectivity, Serial Connectivity, and Console Servers ranges. It comes included with the hardware purchase for the first year, with renewal options to suit. 

Digi LifeCycle Assurance: Available Now

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