Cradlepoint’s CBA850 Wireless Failover Solution Transforms Out-Of-Band Management


Cradlepoint CB1850 Remote ManagementThis week Cradlepoint announced the launch of their latest ARC product, and successor to the CBA750B, the ARC CBA850. 

Offering innovative functionality and a new sleek design, the CBA850 marks an exciting development for wireless failover technology. Complementing this release, Cradlepoint also announced their new Enterprise Cloud Manager tier “ECM PRIME” which brings new, advanced functionality to the cloud management platform.

The two combined provide a cloud-managed, best-in-class failover 3G/4G/LTE networking solution.


Business Continuity

The Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 is a failover device which connects to your primary router, so that in instances where your wired line fails, the CBA850 will failover within seconds to a 3G/4G/LTE signal – keeping your business connected and delivering a reliable business continuity solution. It integrates seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure and is cloud-managed for zero-touch deployment and intelligent management.

Cradlepoint CBA850 Front ViewThe CBA850 also features a sleek design and Power over Ethernet for flexible, unobtrusive placement anywhere – allowing you to optimise cellular reception and deliver a superfast mobile broadband connection without compromise.


Out-Of-Band Management

More than just providing a failover solution though, the CBA850 also enables you to extend your remote management capabilities to the primary router in cases where it has completely failed. Purpose built for Out-Of-Band Management, the device has a dedicated console port to connect to your primary router device – and it works right out of the box.

Network outages or disruptions on the primary router have, traditionally, been a great cause of pain for IT teams in distributed enterprises. When such an instance occurs your central IT team can lose sight of the network at the remote location, and to regain it quickly must store spare equipment on site, which can be costly. Alternatively you face a delay while waiting for new equipment to be shipped, or must otherwise visit the location – and whichever way you manage such situations, your operations and profitability are still ultimately impacted.

The CBA850 helps to maximise your infrastructure investments however, by putting in place an automatic secondary path to access and control the network remotely when the primary router goes down, or isn’t configured properly. Ultimately this helps businesses to stay online, reducing both downtime and maintenance costs – ensuring business continuity and putting your IT team in control.


Enterprise Cloud Manager PRIME

Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) enables remote management of Cradlepoint devices, and the launch of the new, advanced ECM PRIME extends these management capabilities further. When partnered with the CBA850 it provides the secure cloud access needed to enable this Out-Of-Band Management functionality. By simply logging in to ECM PRIME you can select the relevant CBA850 router, find the console port, and then access the command line interface of the primary router.

The solution combined removes the need for a static IP address, and helps to avoid costly truck rolls and field visits, while enabling you to troubleshoot and reconfigure the primary router to get it back online – and while you’re doing this the CBA850 will provide a reliable failover solution so that you remain connected.

The new Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 and ECM PRIME can adapt to any networking environment, allowing administrators to easily deploy, connect and manage the network regardless of the infrastructure you are already running. The CBA850 also offers a variety of connectivity options to link legacy routers that may remain on your network.


To find out more about this turnkey networking solution, check out our CBA850 product page or contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567.

The Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 will be available to order from 5th May 2015.