Cradlepoint Update: Firmware 6.3 and NCM Analytics Enhancements


CP Update



Just a few weeks ago, Cradlepoint announced their recent firmware and NetCloud Manager updates. Now, we take a look at these in-depth. 





Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager now with Client Analytics

Providing complete visibility of LAN client usage across the entire network, the new client analytics in Cradlepoint’s NCM means that you can easily monitor, analyse and predict usage per network, group or even individual site.

The update also enables admins to block unwanted clients directly from the NCM dashboard, analyse the network based on business needs, and enhances troubleshooting and capacity planning visibility.

Client analytics is now available to all Cradlepoint NCM Prime subscribers.


Cradlepoint Firmware 6.3: SD-WAN enhancements

Firmware 6.3, available now, enhances the Cradlepoint SD-WAN offering, bringing several new key features:

SMART WAN SELECTION: Intelligently monitors primary WAN link performance, and provides smart failover when the primary WAN connection degrades based on preset metrics, including latency, jitter, signal strength and data usage. This delivers improved connection reliability and availability, for increased business continuity and application performance.

AUTO QUALITY OF SERVICE: A new queueing algorithm that automatically prioritises real-time user interactive traffic, such as voice and video, over bulk traffic, such as email and file transfer, when there is network congestion. This removes the need for manual QoS configuration by the admin, while still delivering best possible application experience.

IKEv2 SUPPORT: By incorporating support for the latest version of the Internet Key Exchange protocol, as used in IPSec, this update means faster building of VPN tunnels, improved security with Suite B compliance, enhanced authentication with X.509 certificates, improved encryption policies and security, and mobility support (MOBIKE).

ENHANCED NETWORK SUPPORTABILITY: A new range of tools for network administrators and MSPs to ensure efficient and continuous network operation.


SDK Extensible UI

This latest feature in the Cradlepoint Software Development Kit (SDK) enables users to deploy custom web pages with a branded splash or bounce page and SDK Application status page. The SDK Extensible UI is available with both NCM standard and prime.


Finding out more

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