Cradlepoint Summer Update: New NetCloud Solution for Branch with CR4250




Cradlepoint have announced their latest product update which sees the release of a new NetCloud Solution package for large branches, along with some NetCloud platform updates.





NEW NetCloud Solution for Branch with CR4250

The new NetCloud Solution for Branch with CR4250 is designed specifically for mid-sized branches and businesses with expanded performance and connectivity needs, offering a flexible WAN deployment.

The new CR4250 hardware option offers significant throughput featuring a high-performance processor, 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports (PoE), and dual SFP+ ports. The first wired networking solution from Cradlepoint, it can also be integrated with the ARC CBA850 for 4G LTE failover and the AP22 for WiFi.

The solution package incorporates NetCloud Manager Prime (optional upgrade to Enterprise), Perimeter, 24×7 support and limited lifetime warranty. It has been built to address branches which require more throughput but still want to benefit from the “single pane of glass” networking approach available from Cradlepoint. Users will be able to manage this solution alongside Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE and WiFi network solutions from the same NetCloud platform – giving complete visibility across the entire estate from a single view.

The Cradlepoint CR4250 also supports the vendor’s Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling it to run unique applications with custom scripts on the router, and the NetCloud Manager API, enabling organisations to easily utilise router data.


NetCloud Platform Updates

Recently added features include:

  • Forecasted monthly LTE data usage per carrier
  • Average data usage per SIM per carrier
  • WiFi management improvements
  • Update modem firmware on multiple modems at once
  • Run speed tests through API
  • Increased maximum number of speed tests allowed per router x10
  • Enforce multifactor authentication (MFA) for all users in an account


Find Out More

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The NetCloud Solution for Branch with CR4250 is available to order now, speak to your account manager today:

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