Cradlepoint Summer Update: Cradlepoint CradleCare for EMEA and NetCloud Manager


Cradlepoint CradleCare


In this latest product update from Cradlepoint, we’re excited to be introducing Cradlepoint CradleCare, a leading support service, along with some key updates to NetCloud, including the re-branding of Enterprise Cloud Manager to NetCloud Manager.





Enterprise Cloud Manager Now NetCloud Manager, plus meet NetCloud OS

In line with their wider cloud-based solutions, Cradlepoint is re-branding the popular Enterprise Cloud Manager to “NetCloud Manager”. Already available, the network monitoring and management tool has also had some updates implemented to provide:

Remote Connect: Secure cloud-management for any LAN connected device with no setup, making non-cloud managed devices cloud manageable.

Advanced OOBM: An improved user experience for ease of use, and available to “view only” permission users.

Router UI Direct Access: Enabling advanced troubleshooting and real-time router status.

Cradlepoint is also introducing new branding for its router firmware. “NetCloud Operating System” (NCOS) has been introduced to more aptly reflect the firmware’s importance and role in network capabilities. This will be rolled into the software UI with the release of NetCloud OS 6.4 on 7th August 2017 which will also include the following updates:

Auto-Tunnel: Easy to set-up VPN between two Cradlepoint routers.

Multiple PDN: Two networks on one SIM (multiple APNs on one SIM).

IPV6 Support: Improvements to existing IPV6 support.


Introducing Cradlepoint CradleCare

Cradlepoint CradleCare has been available to customers based in North America for many years and is a very popular support service. Due to it’s success across the water, Cradlepoint are pleased to now be launching it here in EMEA.

Designed to help keep networks problem-free and operationally efficient, CradleCare provides support resources and expertise “on tap”. With multiple tiers of support available, businesses can select that which suits their needs best:

Standard support with every purchase: Includes access to the Cradlepoint Connect portal, access to Knowledge Base and Firmware download libraries, plus 12×5 email support for NCM and NetCloud Gateway.

CradleCare Basic: Standard support as listed above for all products and services, plus 12×5 support via email, phone and chat.

CradleCare: As for CradleCare Basic, plus 24×7 phone support, Advanced Exchange, service-level targets, extended warranty for routers, assigned Enterprise Support Engineer (for deployments of 50+ routers), Enterprise engineering resources for network design and best practice implementation, and priority consideration of future feature requests and beta trials.

Cradlepoint CradleCare is a great opportunity for channel partners to generate new service-based, recurring revenue from their existing relationships, as it can be augmented with existing support capabilities and services or used as a primary support service where it isn’t currently available to the end user. For the end user, it provides a complete solution – giving them peace of mind for their purchases.

CradleCare is available to order now in EMEA, with services officially starting on 21st August 2017.


Also in This Product Update

NetCloud Perimeter Updates: Simplified end-to-end encryption for all traffic behind a NetCloud gateway for secure Internet access, plus ability to manage multiple NCP networks per single account, and ability for users to be a member or administrator to multiple networks at different times – improving management simplicity. (Due for release 7th August 2017).

NetCloud Manager Price Change: Due to the continuous addition of features and functionality to NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint are implementing a price increase on PRIME licenses to better reflect the value it offers today. Ask your account manager for your updated pricing on NCM PRIME (previously ECM PRIME) – effective immediately.


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