Cradlepoint Releases Firmware 6.0




This week Cradlepoint released their new firmware 6.0 and it is their biggest update to date. With this FW update Cradlepoint has made significant changes which not only improve the user experience but also the overall capabilities of their networking solutions.




With the release of FW version 6.0, Cradlepoint introduces a vastly improved GUI for all routers, with the new GUI incorporating the look and feel of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM).


The menus have been reworked to be more intuitive and discoverable, whilst the configuration experience has stayed similar to the previous UI.

ECM users will be able to immediately view the new router GUI when configuring a router or group of routers with FW 6.0 or greater, providing an improved and consistent user experience across the platform.


In addition to the improved UI, some notable new functionality in FW 6.0 is:

Object Firewall

  • Independently create identities and policies, then match them to create rules     connection_manager_screenshot
  • Easier to configure and more flexible


Revamped Connection Manager

  • Manage all WAN connections remotely in a single, intuitive UI
  • Now easily configurable in ECM also


 WiFi-as-WAN Improvements

  • Intelligent AP handover capability



Before updating to FW 6.0, Cradlepoint recommends that customers initially upgrade a few routers and take some time to get familiar with the new UI, the new firewall, Connection Manager and other important configuration elements, before moving their entire estate onto the updated FW.


Take a first look now with Cradlepoint’s Introduction to FW 6.0 video:


FW 6.0 Support

In addition to the videos below you can download the Firmware 6.0 New UI and Key Features Overview document, and you can also view updated content in the Cradlepoint Knowledge Base (simply follow the link provided). All product manuals have also now been updated.


VIDEO: Updating Firmware


VIDEO: Port Forwarding


VIDEO: Configuring Wi-Fi Security


For more information about FW 6.0 please contact your Account Manager on or call +44 (0) 1291 437 567.