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Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Updates: Insights, Edge Computing and More

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Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Updates_ Insights, Edge Computing and More

With several significant Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager updates released in recent months, has put together an article which summarises these as well as providing information on how you can use these early access features.


Insights is a redesigned section of NetCloud Manager (NCM) where you’ll find new reports with in-depth visibility into accounts and networks, as well as the reports with which you are already familiar (e.g. Signal Strength, Data Usage, and Logs). The NCM Insights feature replaces the Reports tab and allows channel partners to even co-brand and export reports to support their end user customer requirements.

Available now, you will also find a new Failover report that allows you to understand the amount of time devices have spent in a failover state (for routers licensed on an Advanced plan only). More are coming soon for you to save, share, and send within your organisation.

To find out more about the new Insights feature, please visit here.

In addition, Cradlepoint have also just released a new “NetCloud Insights” online training course – register and complete it now through the Cradlepoint University.


Application performance and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) are critical metrics for IT success. To help address these, Cradlepoint NCM’s new WAN QoE dashboard provides customer performance insights into the network and how applications perform across the WAN. WAN QoE evaluates the perceived quality of an application by collecting a series of metrics on the WAN that could impact an application. For example, video conferencing applications are quite sensitive to high latency, which would result in a poor user experience. (Advanced plan license required).

For more information, visit Cradlepoint’s blog post about the WAN Quality of Experience Dashboard


The Integrations section allows you to integrate selected NCM features with 3rd-party applications to extend and enhance the capabilities of the NCM features. New application integrations are now available in NetCloud that allow you to:

  • Troubleshoot with CloudShark:

The NetCloud – CloudShark Integration allows users to integrate and analyse network data with CloudShark’s network packet analysis functionality. Find out how to create and verify a CloudShark integration here.

  • Automatic Vehicle Location Services with Forward Thinking:

Now Automatic Vehicle Location Services are available with the Forward Thinking integration. Learn how to create and manage FT integration here.

  • IoT ecosystem integration with AWS:

This integration enables devices to collect and analyse data closer to the source of information, react autonomously to local events, and communicate securely with each other on local networks. Read this article to find out instructions for deploying AWS Greengrass on a Cradlepoint IoT router.


It is now possible to run a lightweight edge application on your Cradlepoint router with NetCloud Container Orchestration. Using this, customers can deploy and run Open Containers Initiative (OCI) compatible Docker container workloads on Cradlepoint endpoints. The Container Orchestrator also provides an ability to monitor and manage these workloads from NCM.

All the information about NetCloud Container Orchestration you need is here (How to enable, deploy, and more.)

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager is a key service for running your network and integrating seamlessly with other applications, making it an indispensable part of your business.

Learn more about early access and new updates on the Cradlepoint forum page.

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