CradlePoint Launches New Enterprise Cloud Manager Platform

CradlePoint, the global leader in 3G/4G wireless networking solutions for the distributed enterprise, today launched CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager as the next generation of its network management system for the rapid deployment, real-time management, and heightened intelligence of CradlePoint enterprise network solutions. Enterprise Cloud Manager is the first platform of its kind to integrate cloud-based, secure management of enterprise network devices over wireless 3G/4G connections to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance business continuity.

“CradlePoint is the leader in the innovation of 3G/4G networking for the distributed enterprise, and CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager is the first platform of its kind to offer customers secure, real-time network management over a 3G/4G wireless connection,” said George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board. “Built as the next generation solution to CradlePoint’s WiPipe Central, Enterprise Cloud Manager provides network administrators an easy-to-use interface on top of an application-based architecture and open API, all of which will improve uptime and productivity.”

Businesses in verticals like retail, banking, transportation, and quick serve restaurants utilise CradlePoint 3G/4G networking solutions in their distributed enterprises to engage customers through mobile initiatives and ensure business continuity through applications like network failover, M2M communications, digital signage, kiosks, pop-up stores, vehicles, and in-store WiFi. Now IT managers can simultaneously organise, configure, and manage hundreds or thousands of remote devices and their associated data plans over a secure wireless connection from a central location.

“Enterprise Cloud Manager gives us the ability to deploy, configure, and manage our networks in real-time,” said Justin Montalto, Network and Wireless Communications Administrator for YESCO. “We now have the ability to create accounts and sub-accounts for network administrators across different regions, giving them complete access to all our CradlePoint devices for intelligence like signal strength, data usage, connection speeds, specific carriers, and downtime. I believe Enterprise Cloud Manager’s rich feature set is going to help us change the digital signage industry.”

With Enterprise Cloud Manager, administrators can immediately access network devices over wireless networks, allowing more strategic deployments and instant optimisation. Speed to deployment is five-times faster with Enterprise Could Manager versus traditional means. In addition, IT managers can configure devices in groups or individually, update firmware with a few clicks, monitor device statuses in real-time, set proactive alerts, manage network security, and track interference information.

Enterprise Cloud Manager’s open API gives customers the ability to integrate with third party productivity and networking applications like SolarWinds and HP Business Technology Optimization Software (HP OpenView). Additionally, Enterprise Cloud Manager’s application-based architecture allows CradlePoint and partners to develop user-driven applications and install them directly onto the platform to address a customer’s specific business needs.

CradlePoint’s expanding customer base within the distributed enterprise includes retail, quick service restaurants, branch, transportation, mobile and remote offices, and banking and financial services. CradlePoint’s early adoption and support of 3G/4G technology has enabled it to bring an ever-growing portfolio of networking solutions to the table. As a pioneer in 3G/4G networking, CradlePoint helps define how the technology is best utilised and provides competitive advantages to the rapidly growing market.

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