CradlePoint launches ‘always-on’ connectivity today with the new COR IBR1100

Today, 13th October 2014, CradlePoint launched their latest 4G LTE router in North America.

CradlePoint COR IBR1100The brand new COR IBR1100 is being touted by the leading vendor as “the industry’s most rugged” router, making it the ideal connectivity product for in-vehicle networking. In addition to this it’s engineering means that it is able to support and scale to networking challenges in wider industries as well, ranging from oil and gas to digital signage.

Available now in North America, CradlePoint launched the product at the leading American Public Transportation Association (APTA) expo, marking the significance of the product to connectivity within this industry:

“As a cloud-managed networking solution, the CradlePoint COR IBR1100 is designed for distributed enterprises, particularly in the transportation industry, that require mission critical connectivity in challenging environments,” said Ian Pennell, CMO at CradlePoint. “With cloud-based zero-touch configuration and plug-and-go capability, organizations can deploy quickly, manage their devices, and extend their networks to connect applications in extreme conditions.”

Key features

To help whet your appetite for the latest product in the CradlePoint family here is a roundup of its features:

  • 4G LTE with failover to HSPA+ / Wi-Fi / Ethernet Network Connectivity
  • Enhanced protection for challenging environments with extended ratings/certifications
  • Antenna connectors for external cellular modem and active GPS support
  • Latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi supports up to 128 connected devices at high speeds and provides an increased Wi-Fi footprint
  • Dual SIM
  • Supports multi WAN connectivity options including Wi-Fi as WAN, Ethernet, Satellite, etc.
  • Reporting, Analytics, Diagnostics and Alerting
  • E-Marked
  • Managed via CradlePoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager


As CradlePoint’s exclusive EMEA distributor, Westbase is excited to see the launch of the COR IBR1100 in North America today, but what we really want to know is when it will be available here in the EU. Our inside sources have informed us we won’t be waiting too long so hopefully we’ll get an early Christmas present… check back soon for more EU release details.


Read the full CradlePoint press release on the CradlePoint website – just follow the link.