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Cradlepoint L950 Released

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Cradlepoint have just released their latest LTE adapter for failover and bandwidth augmentation; introducing the Cradlepoint L950.

Cradlepoint L950 Overview

The Cradlepoint L950 is a drop-in failover and bandwidth augmentation solution, providing a LTE WAN connection which works seamlessly with existing networks. For failover, it provides a second connection which can automatically kick in if the primary fails, keeping locations online while allowing remote IT teams to still troubleshoot the primary connection (out-of-band management). Alternatively the L950 can also provide additional bandwidth to support specific applications during times of diminished WAN performance (bandwidth augmentation).

Designed to maximise network uptime by providing connection diversity, the Cradlepoint L950 builds on the success of the ARC CBA family, bringing performance upgrades to the Cradlepoint LTE adapter range.

Key features of the Cradlepoint L950 include

  • Cradlepoint L950 Product ImageWAN connectivity: CAT 7 LTE
  • LAN connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet (x2)
  • 940 Mbps passthrough throughput
  • PoE
  • NetCloud Branch package for an all-inclusive network service, simplified deployment and management at scale

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Take a look at the following resources to learn more about the Cradlepoint L950:

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