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Cradlepoint E3000 Announced: Industry’s First 5G-Optimised WWAN Edge Router

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Cradlepoint E3000: Industry's First 5G-Optimised WWAN Edge Router

Just announced, the Cradlepoint E3000 is the industry’s first 5G-optimised wireless WAN edge router. Due for release into the UK and Europe in mid-June, is the leading Cradlepoint distributor and will be the first to provide access to this exciting solution for our channel partners.

Introducing the Cradlepoint E3000 NetCloud Solution for Enterprise Branch Deployments

The industry’s first 5G-optimised, all-in-one wireless edge router for enterprise branch, the Cradlepoint E3000 provides an all-new design which optimises performance and investment protection. Enabling enterprise businesses to deploy a wireless WAN network today utilising the latest LTE and WiFi technology, and then seamlessly upgrade to 5G in the future, it’s ideal for a range of branch environments including retail, healthcare, hospitality, construction, financial services and other branch/field locations.

There is a growing demand for agile, rapidly deployable wireless WANs utilising 4G LTE for primary connectivity, both for temporary and fixed locations, with IDC predicting a worldwide $2.98 Billion 5G and 4G LTE router market by 2024 across branch, mobile and IoT. The new Cradlepoint E3000 directly targets this market for branch.

Although available to order in North America, the Cradlepoint E3000 will not be available in the UK and Europe until later this year, with shipping dates expected in mid-June. will issue updates including partner pricing, partner launch pack and other information as it becomes available.

Key features of the Cradlepoint E3000 include:

  • Industry-leading Gigabit-Class LTE CAT 18 connectivity, WiFi 6, Gigabit Ethernet and expansion slots for secondary modem (LTE today with 5G and Bluetooth 5.0 modules planned for later in 2020)Cradlepoint Branch NetCloud Solution E3000.MAIN_00
  • Latest multi-core, wireless system-on-chip technology delivers compelling price/performance relative to traditional wired options
  • All-in-one design delivers a mid-sized, enterprise-class “branch-in-a-box” solution
  • Can run processor-intensive WAN edge features within the NetCloud service at Gigabit speeds, including BGP routing and application-aware SD-WAN and security functions
  • Supports customisable services such as WiFi guest portal and IoT edge computing capabilities
  • Ideal for branch-orientated industry sectors that need flexibility combined with robust WAN/LAN networking and security

Protecting Your Customer's Investment on the Pathway to 5G

According to Infosys, 90% of industry practitioners and leaders across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are actively investigating the business cases or defining service portfolios based on 5G technology. This means that it’s highly likely that your end users are doing the same, and will be looking for a defined pathway to 5G in their next wireless WAN investments to ensure that they are future-protected. Cradlepoint currently provides the most pathways from LTE to 5G in the industry, issuing their clear plans earlier this year (read the full release here).

This latest announcement makes this even more tangible. As the industry’s first 5G-optimised wireless WAN router, the Cradlepoint E3000 has been engineered to be a companion router for the upcoming 5G W-Series – due later in 2020/early 2021. Interconnecting over a high-speed 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, it can be paired with a W2000 indoor unit for low- and mid-band (sub-6) 5G or with a W40005 outdoor unit for high-band mmwave 5G. The new MC500 field-upgradable 5G modular modem (sub-6) can also go into the expansion port.

“Cradlepoint is committed to being the first and best choice for enterprise Wireless WAN and 5G solutions,” said Todd Krautkremer, Chief Marketing Officer at Cradlepoint. “We believe, as do many of our customers and partners, that Wireless WAN is the next big networking wave, driven by the emergence of 5G. The Cradlepoint E3000 Series, powered by NetCloud, is the latest addition to our next-generation of 5G-capable solutions, its design provides customers with no-compromise Gigabit-Class LTE performance and the most paths to a 5G future.”

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Take a look at the following resources to learn more about the Cradlepoint E3000 NetCloud Solution for Branch:

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