Cradlepoint Drive Extensibility into IoT Connectivity



Cradlepoint has today launched their Summer Product Update and it’s focus is on driving greater extensibility into IoT connectivity. This is delivered via their innovative Router Software Development Kit (SDK) and extensibility platform, which will enable organisations to customise M2M and IoT connectivity to meet their exact business requirements.




Extending Cradlepoint Solutions to Customer-Specific Applications

The new Cradlepoint extensibility platform will enable enterprises to develop customised applications on top of Cradlepoint routing solutions. Developers are now able to create custom code on the routing device in the firmware at the network Edge, expanding network capability through fog computing. For more information on fog computing, check out our “Fog Computing vs Cloud Computing: What’s the difference?” article.

Enabling real-time policy management, custom workflows and network insight, as well as fog computing, applications can be designed for real-time market insights, asset tracking, product and asset connectivity, or field service augmentation – taking advantage of processing power at the Edge. Using Cradlepoint’s open API that enables automated data transfer through the cloud, these applications at the Edge can also be easily integrated with other enterprise applications.


Cradlepoint’s Platform Extensibility – How It’s Delivered

COR Dual Modem Dock: The COR IBR1100 dual modem dock increases availability and augments bandwidth for extended hardware capabilities.

Router SDK: New from Cradlepoint in this latest product release, the Router SDK is currently available in open beta format and expands hardware capabilities by enabling developers to build custom Python applications and scripts, enabling fog computing at the Edge of the network. Custom applications are protected both on the device and in the cloud. Router SDK allows developers to securely add unique value (proprietary IP), as well as add local intelligence to the router including domain knowledge to select when and what data to upload, plus custom alerts. It is supported across the COR IBR1100, COR IBR350 and AER Series and is available to all NetCloud Manager users.

NCM API 2.0: The NCM API efficiently shares data and processes by automating system-to-system, M2M, and cloud-to-cloud integrations.

Developer Community: Cradlepoint’s developer community provides access to tools, example code and best practices as well as allowing developers to leverage knowledge, and share and collaborate. The Router SDK and NCM API are also accessed through the developer community which you can access here.

For more information on Cradlepoint’s Extensibility Platform, or for guidance on its use to extend your application/s, please contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or


Also Announced in the Summer Product Update: Firmware and NCM Enhancements

GPS Enhancements for In-Vehicle: Enables you to send GPS to all clients in the vehicle with one simple rule which can be remotely configured through NCM.

Depot WiFi Enhancements for In-Vehicle: Enables faster data offload over WiFi when the vehicle returns to depot, minimising fleet downtime and improving the stability, connectivity and handoff between APs. Auto WiFi shut off is also now available; when depot coverage is available, the router will swap clients over to the depot’s WiFi instead of it’s own to reduce congestion and improve end user experience.

Modem Data Usage Analytics: Available from 1st September 2016, this will enable organisations to analyse their data usage per mobile operator billing cycle, in order to optimise their costs and avoid overages.

NCM Activity Log: Provides a user-friendly log of NCM actions for troubleshooting, visibility, auditing and compliance. It captures who, when and what actions occurred across the network.

Diagnostic User Role: Expands NCM user roles from Admin, User and Read-Only to include a “Diagnostic” role which has the same capabilities as “Read-Only” plus the user can reboot, ping and traceroute routers and gateways, plus run speed tests.

WAN Speed Test Improvements: Allows you to analyse data from any WAN connection and any mobile operator for throughput (up and down), latency and jitter. It can be triggered remotely so there is no need to be on-site, and can be used to help determine the best position for the router/gateway by comparing test results. It can also be customised for metered data plans to avoid excessive data usage.


For more information on the latest product update from Cradlepoint you can contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or, or the below links also provide access to extensive resources on the Cradlepoint website: