Cradlepoint COR Series Are First In-Vehicle Routers to be ESN-Approved




Cradlepoint have announced that the COR IBR1700 and COR IBR900 are the first 4G LTE in-vehicle routers to be approved for use on the UK’s upcoming Emergency Services Network (ESN).





Cradlepoint In-Vehicle Routers Approved for Use on ESN

The Cradlepoint COR IBR1700 and IBR900 routers, which come packaged with the company’s NetCloud solution and support, have now been approved for use on the UK’s Emergency Services Network. Due to initially run alongside the existing TETRA network in the UK, the ESN will leverage both commercial and dedicated 4G LTE networks to fulfil primary communication requirements for emergency services.

The Cradlepoint in-vehicle routers are already a popular choice for emergency services; works with a large number of services across Europe today. Enabling a mobile WiFi hotspot in and around the vehicle, as well as connecting other in-vehicle tech such as CCTV and asset tracking, the Cradlepoint router options can help emergency services to be more effective and efficient in the field. Go to our emergency services solutions page to find out more.


More About ESN

A key objective of the programme delivering the Emergency Services Network is to ensure that ESN customers have a wide range of certified, approved devices which can deliver to their requirements. Other benefits include: being more cost-effective while still ensuring priority access for EMS network traffic; wider geographical coverage including specialist coverage of locations such as the London Underground; and enhanced data capabilities that not only deliver resilient voice communications but also mobile broadband for wider applications.


To find out more about the Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution with COR IBR1700 and COR IBR900, speak to your account manager or follow the links provided:

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