Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock Now Available


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Earlier this year Cradlepoint announced the launch of the COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock and as of today, 17th December 2015, it is available to buy so we’re taking a look at some of the key applications and use cases.





The new dock has been designed to extend the capabilities of the COR IBR1100 routing device. Housing an MC400 (sold separately) it connects to the primary device via the USB port, seamlessly integrating with the router to produce a dual modem solution for advanced in-vehicle networking applications.


Key Applications for the Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock

By adding another modem to an already advanced routing solution, the dock delivers the capabilities to increase or augment bandwidth, improve connectivity resilience, and unify communications.

Increase and augment bandwidth

Augmenting bandwidth to separate multiple applications enables users to improve performance where it counts. In addition it can also be used to create a divide between corporate and guest traffic.

Improve connectivity resilience

Delivering wireless-to-wireless failover, the dual-modem solution enables the router to instantly switch operator networks if one becomes unavailable. This improves resilience on-the-road, keeping applications connected when it counts.

Unify communications

By increasing bandwidth, the dock extension enables organisations to use a single solution through which they can unify all of their on-the-road communications.


Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock Use Cases

Able to extend in-vehicle networking capabilities the dock is designed for advanced applications such as:

Mission-critical connectivity for emergency services

Emergency service teams today are using 4G LTE networking solutions to connect their field teams on-the-road. Enabling Police Officers, Paramedics and Firefighters to access and update central systems on-the-go, it is improving their community visibility, helping them to make more informed decisions in the field, and ultimately enabling them to provide an improved service. Keeping emergency service teams connected is therefore becoming essential and the dual-modem solution delivers inherent failover, keeping mission-critical applications online when they are needed the most. To find out more about 4G solutions for emergency services, go to our industry page.

Unifying communications for commercial fleet vehicles

Commercial fleet vehicles run multiple connected applications on-the-road. From WiFi hotspots which keep field teams connected to central systems, to real-time telematics feedback, fleets can now unify their communications using a single solution. The COR IBR1100 combined with the dual-modem dock delivers increased bandwidth capabilities, perfect for running multiple applications while still guaranteeing performance. To find our more about 4G solutions for fleet transport, go to our industry page.

Keeping passenger and corporate traffic separate for public transport

Many public transport companies offer passenger WiFi to deliver enhanced customer service, as well as running other connected applications (such as digital signage or CCTV) on-the-road. With a COR IBR1100 dual-modem dock companies can now deliver these multiple applications using a single solution, while still keeping corporate traffic protected. By augmenting bandwidth organisations can separate passenger and corporate applications, which not only ensures performance is enhanced where it counts but also improves the security of corporate traffic. To find our more about 4G solutions for public transport, go to our industry page.


For more on the Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock take a look at our product page, or contact your Account Manager on or call +44 (0) 1291 437 567.



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