Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report Summary: State of IoT 2018


state of IoT


Last week Cradlepoint released the results of a recent Internet of Things (IoT) study the company conducted in partnership with Spiceworks. The study surveyed 400 IT pros in the US, Canada and the UK, who work for companies with at least 500 employees and who are all involved with their company’s IoT strategy. It covered a variety of industries including manufacturing, education, IT services, telecommunications and government.


The Cradlepoint Business Intelligence report highlights current IT practices as well as how companies plan to use IoT technologies in the future, and how they plan to implement them. It also highlights best practices for companies trying to achieve the return on investment and security needed to successfully implement their IoT strategies.


Adoption and Implementation

The IoT is one of the most talked about subjects in technology, and adoption of such is expected to accelerate rapidly in the coming years across all industries – but we are already seeing strong adoption today.

According to Cradlepoint’s study, 32% of organisations already use IoT and the top industries for IoT implementation were IT Services (10%), Retail/Wholesale (10%), Education (9%), Healthcare (9%), Telecommunications (9%), Manufacturing (8%) and Government (7%).

The survey also found that company size doesn’t necessarily factor in to adoption rate, as one might expect, with 30% of companies who had already implemented IoT solutions coming from the 10,000+ employees sector and a similarly-sized 27% from the 500-999 employees sector.


The study identified that the two main factors driving this business decision to adopt the IoT were infrastructure modernisation and security. Cost-effectiveness also seems to be a trend in the report; the top organisations that are adopting and implementing the IoT are publicly funded or cost-conscious industries, who highlight that a key driver for their IoT adoption is its cost-saving potential.


Best Practices for IoT Adoption

To implement an IoT strategy effectively the report highlights that best practices need to be put in place from early on. These allow organisations to truly reap the benefits of the IoT, while mitigating potential security risks and increasing the odds of a higher return on investment – two of the primary concerns which companies expressed about IoT adoption. As such, Cradlepoint has put together the following three best practice tips:

  1. Treat network security as a foundational consideration from the inception of the planning process, not as an afterthought.
  2. Do not try to implement IoT applications using only in-house resources and IT generalists. Work with one or more trusted partners/vendors with IoT expertise to drive initiatives forward effectively.
  3. Consider whether legacy network infrastructure – which requires manual, error-prone, and time-intensive network segmentation and policy orchestration – can really meet the needs of this fundamentally different technology.


To download a copy of the full Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report, click here to go to the Cradlepoint website.