Cradlepoint Autumn Update: NetCloud Perimeter General Availablility and Introducing NetCloud Manager Enterprise Tier


NetCloud Manager Enterprise



In their latest product update, Cradlepoint have re-branded their NetCloud Engine to “NetCloud Perimeter”, introduced a new NetCloud Manager Enterprise tier, plus other great new features for both cloud services.





NetCloud Engine Becomes NetCloud Perimeter

To better represent the cloud service’s capabilities, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Engine has been re-branded to “NetCloud Perimeter” and will also shortly be available on general release, as of 14th November 2017. NetCloud Perimeter provides a simple, cloud-based alternative to VPN, allowing users to build and deploy virtual overlay networks in minutes. It enables IT teams to connect:

  • Remote or mobile workforces using Windows, iOS, Android or Linux devices.
  • IoT devices such as kiosks, digital signs, cameras, sensors, meters, etc.


Creating a software-defined perimeter across the Internet or any private or public cloud, NetCloud Perimeter works with existing network and security infrastructures, requires no hardware or configuration, scales instantly, and is subscription-based. Find out more by taking a look at our NetCloud Perimeter product page.

Also in this update:

NetCloud Perimeter sees the removal of standard vs. PRIME tiers due to customer demand, simplifying the selection of SKUs available. All NetCloud Perimeter SKUs are now delivered with the capabilities previously only on the PRIME tier.

New features include collaborator support, enabling users to manage both NetCloud Manager and Perimeter with collaborator permissions, and static IP reservations, which enables a static IP overlay address to be assigned to each overlay network device.


Introducing NetCloud Manager Enterprise Edition

Available now, the new NetCloud Manager Enterprise tier has been developed specifically to enhance branch office and in-vehicle networking. It introduces Layer 7 Traffic Analytics to provide deeper network insights and enhanced NetCloud SD-WAN capabilities, plus Secure Web Filtering for direct-to-internet WAN traffic:

Layer 7 WAN Traffic Analytics helps administrators to understand how their network is being used, automatically identifying thousands of applications per network, site and individual client, so that they can optimise network performance based on this.

Secure Web Filtering classifies over 600+ million domains and 27+ billion URLs into 82 categories, enforces threat tolerance by blocking high risk sites and includes pre-defined policies to help administrators increase workplace productivity, block offensive material and insure CIPA compliance.

Ordering NetCloud Manager Enterprise:

To enable an excellent customer experience, with a consistent UI and single pane of glass for all devices under management, all devices in a Customer NetCloud Manager account must be on the same tier: Standard, Prime, and now Enterprise.

Cradlepoint’s more advanced devices for branch and mobile support the advanced features of NCM Enterprise (AER Series and COR IBR900/950), but the less advanced M2M/IoT devices do not (IBR1100/1150, IBR600/650, IBR350, CBA850).

Therefore, there is a set of NCM Enterprise SKUs for devices that support its advanced features, and a set of SKUs for customers with mixed environments that will also need to manage M2M/IoT devices in the same NCM Enterprise account as branch and/or mobile devices.

To further ensure customers have an optimal experience with the advanced new capabilities in NetCloud Manager Enterprise, it will only be sold with CradleCare included.

In order to support NCM Enterprise, routers and gateways should be updated to NCOS 6.4.2 (available now) and trials can be started via the standard trial process within NCM by simply navigating to the NetCloud Manager tile under applications, and selecting “Try Enterprise”.

Take a look at the latest range of SKUs via our online store by following this link.

Also in this update: Cradlepoint NetCloud is PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant.


For more information about this latest product update from Cradlepoint, please contact your account manager on +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or