CradlePoint AER 2100 Launched to Support Distributed Enterprises

CradlePoint, the global leader in cloud-managed 3G/4G networking solutions for distributed enterprises, today introduced the CradlePoint AER 2100 Advanced Edge Router. Available immediately, the CradlePoint AER 2100 (pronounced “AIR”) is designed to support and scale to the unique networking needs of distributed enterprises at branch locations. For retailers, in particular, the CradlePoint AER 2100 provides intelligent management of converged wired and wireless networks enabling a highly available “connected retail experience” that consumers have come to expect.

“The proliferation of mobile devices and the growth of cloud-based applications at the network’s edge has made IT an ever more critical business enabler,” said George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board at CradlePoint. “To be successful, distributed enterprises require new network architectures that provide highly secure, multi-WAN support for higher availability and improved bandwidth. Because IT resources are limited at the edge, cloud management for ‘zero-touch deployment’ and intelligent management is essential. As an advanced edge routing solution, the CradlePoint AER 2100 is designed specifically to scale with the growing needs of edge and branch networks. With advanced security, high-performance 802.11ac WiFi, dual modem multi-carrier support, and advanced routing features that are designed for PCI Compliant networks the CradlePoint AER 2100 is the edge routing platform for highly secure, highly available networks.”

Today’s announcement is in concert with the launch of enhanced network analytics in CradlePoint’s cloud-based network management and application platform, CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager. CradlePoint network analytics in combination with the AER 2100 (or any CradlePoint enterprise networking solution) provides distributed enterprises with the intelligence they need to develop strategies for WAN Optimisation to manage performance, reliability and costs.

With CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager, network administrators can also select and extend advanced routing features and applications that are critical for the operation of their networks. CradlePoint differentiates its networking platform when compared to the “walled garden” approach of its competitors through an Open API that allows for the easy integration of best-in-class 3rd party applications and unparalleled scalability.

As a cloud-managed solution the CradlePoint AER 2100 balances the strengths of both wired and wireless networks through WAN Diversity, the convergence of 4G LTE, Ethernet (DSL, Cable, T1, MetroE), and WiFi as WAN, all delivered through a single networking device. With an established retail customer base, CradlePoint anticipates that the AER 2100 will provide distributed enterprises with the lowest 5-year Total Cost of Ownership. Unique features of the CradlePoint AER 2100, include:

  • WAN Diversity™ with integrated wired and wireless 4G LTE WAN (including private network support)
  • Dual LTE modems with multi-carrier support for a “cut-the-wire” solution
  • High performance WiFi including dual-band concurrent 802.11b/g/n/ac
  • Advanced enterprise routing features and best-in-class, cloud-based security options
  • Policy enforcement with flexibility to be deployed through the cloud
  • Extensible and easily integrated best-in-class, enterprise applications via an Open API

The CradlePoint AER 2100 is also purpose-built for PCI compliant networks to help distributed enterprises secure their networks where they are most vulnerable. Retailers have the ability to create and partition edge networks to support secure operational and transactional connections, while simultaneously allowing consumers access to public WiFi. Advanced Security and Advanced VPN options help retailers secure credit card data transactions sent from stores to the corporate network.

As enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of locations, encounter trade-offs between the security, management, and availability of their edge networks, the CradlePoint AER 2100 was developed in collaboration with a number of CradlePoint customers to scale to those specific needs. These enterprise customers in the retail, financial services, and transportation verticals have turned to the CradlePoint AER 2100 for its industry leading integrated 3G/4G/LTE dual modems that are supported on multiple carriers. Using dual modem technology, enterprises have the ability to:

  • Deploy multiple wireless backup connections to help acquire 99.99% uptime
  • “Cut the wire” for combined high-speed 4G LTE networks from diverse carriers
  • Load balance and add burst bandwidth for peak periods

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