Cradlepoint Advanced LTE CAT 6 Modems Announced, plus more


cradlepoint CAT 6 LTE



A product update has announced new Cradlepoint Advanced LTE CAT 6 modems for the AER and ARC range, as well as detailing the recent Firmware 6.1.0 update.





Advanced LTE networking

CAT 6 is the latest evolution in LTE networking, delivering downlink speeds which are 3x faster than CAT 3 LTE. It also offers increased capacity with additional bands to improve the overall user experience. The release of the new Cradlepoint Advanced LTE CAT 6 AER and ARC CBA products will mean increased capabilities at the network edge, improved failover and even greater networking flexibility.

The AER 1600/1650, 2100 and 3100/3150 will all now be available to order with CAT 6, as well as the ARC CBA850, while the existing CAT 3 (LP3) options will also continue to be available.


Firmware 6.1.0

As well as launching these new CAT 6 products, Cradlepoint also provided information on the latest 6.1.0 firmware which is now available. It can be accessed via NCM or by contacting Westbase support. Key feature updates include:

  • Advanced routing: augment routing protocols, adding Policy Based Routing
  • Enhanced OOBM/failover: inline failover with the CBA850, additional security and SSH Hop to any device on the LAN
  • Faster failover: with standby, now almost instantaneous
  • WiFi enhancements for transport: client driver enables faster data offload (5 GHz, IBR1100 only)
  • Plus several security patches


Find out more about FW 6.1.0 by watching the below overview video, or for more information on the security patch updates please follow this link to their Knowledge Base article.



NetCloud Manager Updates

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager has been updated to provide better network management and insights.

  • SIM data tracking: allows the user to match each Cradlepoint router in the network to data consumption reports from the connected mobile operator, as well as reporting SIM card ICCID in each router.
  • Configuration visibility: allows the user to quickly determine devices with individual configuration. View and manage individual configurations versus group configurations.


For more information please follow this link to the Cradlepoint Knowledge Base article.



To find out more about the Cradlepoint Spring product update, please contact your Account Manager on or +44 (0) 1291 437 567.



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