Cradlepoint 5G for Business Portfolio


Cradlepoint 5G for Business


Just a few weeks ago the full Cradlepoint 5G for business portfolio was announced at their well attended and enjoyed Global Partner Summit. With the W2000 now available to order, and the W2005 available to pre-order, has put together the following article to provide more information about these and the wider 5G releases partners can expect.




Cradlepoint Second-Generation 5G Product Portfolio

Unveiling the second-generation 5G product portfolio was definitely an event highlight for all partners who attended the Cradlepoint Global Partner Summit; Cradlepoint promised that the event would “turn up the bandwidth” and seeing the full 5G range for the first time delivered on this. Spanning low to mmWave solutions across a range of external adapters and integrated routers, the Cradlepoint 5G portfolio delivers a clean-slate design to support the full speed and capabilities of 5G.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate the adoption of cloud, mobile and IoT technologies, business demand for Wireless WAN is rapidly growing and is predicted to approach a $3.0B market potential by 2024 according to IDC. With shipping of the Cradlepoint 5G portfolio commencing globally this month, and rolling out fully over the next year, Cradlepoint partners are in a prime position to take advantage of this opportunity. is the leading UK and EU distributor for Cradlepoint having deployed 1000s of branch, mobile and IoT solutions with our partners. Contact your account manager to find out more today about Cradlepoint 5G for business:, +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or +31 35 799 2290.



The Cradlepoint 5G Line-Up

W Series 5G Wideband Adapters

Providing an Ethernet-remotable 5G modem and antenna system, the W Series adapters support the entire 5G spectrum for ultimate deployment flexibility. The adapters can be paired with another Cradlepoint or a third-party router and the series consists of:

  • W2005 outdoor unit for low-band and mid-band 5G deployments, available to pre-order now from with stock expected in the coming weeks.*
  • W2000 indoor unit for low-band and mid-band 5G deployments, available to order now from for immediate proof of concept and early implementations.
  • W1850 indoor unit is the production-optimised version of the W2000, designed for widespread deployments. General availability is currently expected in Q3.
  • W4005 outdoor unit for mmWave, fibre-fast connections, not yet available outside North America.*


* The W2005 and W4005 requires that the partner has completed their Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise Branch Specialisation to sell these solutions. For more information please speak to your account manager or go to:


5G-Embedded Routers and Field-Upgradable Modems: R1900, E3000 and MC400-5G

Delivering high-performance wireless edge routers for 5G branch and mobility use cases:

  • R1900 5G mobile router, available to pre-order now from with stock expected in the coming weeks. Read our dedicated launch article to find out more.
  • E3000 5G branch SD-WAN router, upgrades the existing E3000 model with a new embedded 5G modem. General availability is currently expected in August.
  • MC400-5G integrated modem, upgrades the existing MC400 model to 5G allowing customers to field-upgrade their existing LTE devices to 5G, or add a second modem to 5G devices. Supported models are the AER2200, IBR1700, E300, E3000 and R1900.


More About the W2000 and W2005

With the Cradlepoint W2000 available to order now, and the W2005 pre-ordered stock expected to hit shelves in the coming weeks, these W Series adapters provide a great starting place for branch 5G requirements.’s extensive partner support and services, leveraging our many years of cellular and Cradlepoint experience, means our partners can confidently take advantage of the 5G opportunity today. Browse our wider resources using the links below to find out more, or contact your account manager to get started.




Contact your account manager to start selling Cradlepoint’s 5G W Series today, or for more information about the wider Cradlepoint 5G portfolio:, +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or +31 35 799 2290.