Connecting the Future for Retail & Hospitality


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A few weeks ago, Westbase Technology headed to London’s Olympia to showcase their future retail and hospitality applications at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE).





The rapid expansion of technologies today is enabling retail and hospitality businesses to be more efficient and sales effective. At this year’s RBTE, Westbase showcased a wide range of future retail and hospitality applications that enabled visitors to enjoy a fully connected experience.

The stand encompassed key connected applications such as:

  • “Lift & Learn” Digital Signage Engagement Solution
  • Video Wall
  • 4G LTE Failover
  • WiFi Hotspot & Analytics
  • 4G LTE Pop-up Network
  • ePaper Shelf Labelling
  • Interactive iBeacon


Digital Signage

Our “lift and learn” digital signage engagement solution encourages users to handle products and learn more about them from an interactive screen, which displays content relevant to the product that they have picked up. This is currently being used by brands such as Dermalogica UK to enhance customer engagement. As well as this, the stand also featured a video wall and other digital signage applications, from leading manufacturer IAdea, to show the increasing use cases for this technology in retail and hospitality.

Cut the Wire Failover

The Standish Group estimate that every minute of Point of Sale (PoS) downtime costs a retailer $4,700 and, as a result, failover is a clear requirement in this industry. A cellular failover connectivity solution not only provides an instant, reliable and secure solution for when a primary network fails, but it also enables remote, out-of-band, troubleshooting to help restore the primary network, keeping business continuity in any location. At RBTE we provided a live demonstration of this, allowing visitors to cut the “primary network” cable to see just how quickly and seamlessly the 4G LTE failover, provided by the Cradlepoint ARC CBA850, could be.

Instant Connectivity; Anytime, Anywhere

With so many retail and hospitality businesses adopting pop-up locations to bring their wares to new audiences, a 4G LTE pop-up networking solution enables businesses to deploy secure, instant connectivity for PoS and other applications to any location desired.

RBTE Article CollageNo Longer Just Connectivity

A live WiFi hotspot was also demonstrated on the stand, to show how WiFi is no longer just an expected service for customers, but has become a pivotal source of customer information, helping to inform business decisions as well as improve targeted marketing.

Also tied into to the WiFi demonstration, was a live ePaper shelf-labelling showcase. Radio-controlled displays, the ePaper shelf labels can be updated automatically from the live database – saving retailers hundreds of man hours spent on manually updating paper labels, and enabling them to react to market changes and update their prices instantly. iBeacon technology is also available within the same ePaper solution. This can be used within retail and hospitality locations to send push notifications for example, in order to improve customer engagement and service.

Connecting the Future with Hybrid Networking

In order to connect these applications, a flexible networking solution needs to be put in place, and this is where hybrid networking comes in. Hybrid networking enables businesses to connect these retail and hospitality applications into a flexible, reliable and unified networking solution; leveraging cellular, wired or a WiFi connection to suit each application’s needs.

“Retail and hospitality companies are rapidly adopting new technologies to improve customer experience, streamline work processes and reduce costs,” said Kelly Bell, Marketing Manager at Westbase Technology, “With flexible, scalable connectivity becoming essential to enabling such, we believe that our hybrid solutions will help businesses to understand how they can best build a network which not only suits their needs today, but also answers their future requirements.


For more information on our retail and hospitality applications, download our solutions overview here.