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Connecting and Supporting Home Workers While Maintaining IT Team Control

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Working from home

Many organisations are looking for new, flexible approaches to managing their networks as they embrace new working models.

With large numbers of employees now working from home, IT teams are tasked with ensuring that they are supported with reliable connectivity which they can maintain control of. has produced this article to help our partners get to grips with how they can support their end users to achieve this.

People have always worked from home, why is it different now?

Today’s reality means that more people are working from home than ever before. This can…

  • Increase demand on home internet networks, resulting in an unreliable or slow connection
  • Reduce employee productivity and cause frustration

To help address this, organisations are looking for new ways to support their remote workers with flexible, reliable connectivity. For IT teams though, connectivity is just one piece of the puzzle…

  • More employees are now operating at the network edge which increases security risk exposure
  • With most employees operating on third party networks (e.g. their home internet) IT teams cannot manage and support their network as effectively
  • Low-end cellular options, such as personal MiFi devices or dongles may solve connectivity issues, but they don’t support these security and management challenges

How do organisations deliver reliable connectivity for employees, while maintaining central control of the network and its security? 4G LTE networking solutions are purpose built for delivering secure, remote connectivity that is also simple, reliable and scalable. All of our solutions are cloud managed and many come with advanced security features, such as application-awareness. In addition to providing reliable connectivity for employees this means that deploying one of our solutions can also enable IT teams to maintain network security and management.

All of this ultimately enables organisations to embrace their new remote working requirements and empower their teams to work as effectively as if they were office-based.

How does it work?

Our 4G LTE solutions can be deployed within days and bulk configured, managed and updated via cloud management – meaning even small IT teams can manage 100s or 1000s of remote connections as easily as 1. This allows mass configuration and updates to network settings, providing total control of the network regardless of where, and how many, employees are working remotely.

Advanced security capabilities means existing corporate policies can be rolled out to any location and employee, again bringing network control back in-house.

Bottom line: it’s easy to deploy, it’s secure, it’s simple to manage. And all while supporting employees with a reliable internet connection.

What are the benefits?

The key benefits of using this solution include:

Connect all work assets with a single solution – connect and protect whatever equipment teams need to get the job done, increasing productivity by providing dedicated, enterprise-grade networking.

Take back network control – deploy a network which is in the IT team’s hands. Allow IT teams to easily and centrally control network security, availability, management, device access and traffic usage wherever employees are working from.

Deploy it quickly and easily – no extended lead times means this is a solution for right now, plus employees benefit from a “plug and play” set up experience with no on-site support required.

Re-purpose the solution – 82% of organisations will allow employees to continue remote working at least some of the time after the COVID-19 pandemic (Gartner) but even if this isn’t the plan, the use cases for 4G/5G solutions are broad. So either way, a cloud-managed 4G/5G solution is a solid long-term investment.

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