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Focusing primarily on exploration and production, United Energy Pakistan (UEP) is one of Pakistan’s largest oil companies and operates a network of jet pumps scattered across its concession area, which includes an onshore footprint of more than 10,000 square kilometers and the largest offshore acreage given to any single exploration and production company in Pakistan.

Most of UEP’s jet pumps are located at unmanned sites, with an average travel time of about an hour from base operations. Unfortunately, real-time status of the remote jet pumps was not accessible to UEP’s production team, which is centrally located at the company’s base. Operators were required to routinely travel to the many jet pump sites in order to check system health in person. Not only was the travel time-consuming and expensive in terms of human resources, but it also delayed identification and restoration of any failed jet pumps.


UEP realised that it needed to implement real-time monitoring and management of its jet pump network in order to more quickly and accurately identify and remedy jet pump failure and eliminate downtime. The company turned to Mazik Global, a member of the Sierra Wireless Solution Partner Program, to develop a jet pump monitoring solution based on an instrument equipped with a solar panel, battery, intelligent charge controller, and IP66 enclosure interfacing with a fault annunciator. The solution features a Sierra Wireless AirLink intelligent gateway, with a small footprint for easy installation and a rugged design that enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, and vibration. Certified for hazardous environments (Class I, Div 2), AirLink intelligent gateways are ideal for industrial deployments.

AirLink intelligent gateways are managed through Sierra Wireless’ cloud application, AirVantage Management Service, which remotely configures, deploys, and monitors the gateways over-the-air and makes managing a thousand devices as easy as managing ten. In addition, custom alerts can be setup for notification when devices go offline, resulting in faster issue identification, less downtime, and fewer field trips.

The new jet pump real-time monitoring and management solution covers parameters such as engine pressure, pump vibration, and much more. The instrument collects data and communicates with the AirLink gateway via RS232. The data is relayed to the main server at base operations via the always-on cellular connection provided by the AirLink gateway. The gateways’ over-the-air configuration capabilities enable pre-defined authorisation access for full data security.

The instrument’s solar panel is used to power the system, which has a self-monitoring feature to report the solar and battery voltage and the temperature of the enclosure. Customised software provides the necessary information for monitoring and analysis. Now UEP is able to check the status of its jet pumps every 10 minutes. In case of an event, the system immediately triggers an alert to relevant maintenance staff through SMS and email.

* Case Study courtesy of Sierra Wireless

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