Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service Deploys ESN-Ready Connectivity Solution


Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service are set to become an early adopter of the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), providing improved communications connectivity for the Norfolk County Council funded fire service. Operating across more than 2000 square miles of largely rural countryside, the fire service has one of the largest geographical areas which means reliable communications are essential.

To achieve this, Norfolk Fire and Rescue wanted to deploy a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) solution across its fleet of 66 vehicles, enlisting Panasonic TOUGHBOOK to deliver both ruggedised tablets and a Cradlepoint 4G LTE solution. Working with Panasonic and Cradlepoint, helped to supply the technical solutions and best practice installation advice needed.


Norfolk Fire and Rescue ESN Connectivity

The Challenge

To deliver an ESN-ready connectivity solution that provides reliable, secure coverage to Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service appliances.


The Solution

+ Cradlepoint Mobile NetCloud solution package with ESN-certified COR IBR1700

+ Ruggedised LTE-Advanced Pro networking platform for reliable and secure connectivity

+ On-hand technical advice and expertise with and through long-term partner, Panasonic and their own partner network


The Results

+ A “rock solid” connectivity solution that has proved reliable and simple to manage

+ Connected appliance fleet, enabling status updates, risk assessments, occupancy and hydrant information to be easily provided to teams on the go

+ 100m, line of sight, wireless local area network around the vehicles, enabling firefighters to remove the Panasonic MDT from the cab and take it with them during incidents

+ Simplified network management, including vehicle location tracking, network performance and more


(Photos provided by Norfolk County Council / Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.)




“The Panasonic device itself is great and we are yet to have a single failure. The Cradlepoint routers have also been rock solid. We can observe the connectivity to each vehicle and see the physical location on a map. We can see exactly how the EE and Vodafone networks are performing and we have seen a significant improvement in connectivity. A lot of the uptimes are now 100% and we have a solution ready for the switch to ESN.”

– Anthony Fearn, ICT Technical Manager at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.



Read the full case study

Download the full case study now to find out how helped provide Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service with an ESN-Ready 4G LTE in-vehicle networking solution that was secure, high performance and easy to manager.